Puneet Bhatti: The Journey from a Savage to Saint

Puneet BhattiSo have you been in a situation when you find yourself in a situation that changes your personality in a blink of an eye? Well in the case of Puneet Bhatti something like this happened. His personality of a savage spoil boy to a well behaved, non- violent person changed in a heartbeat.
Puneet Bhatti born with a silver spoon belongs from a well-known family in Rourkela. Puneet was a total mamma’s boy with an affectionate sister, Jasmeet Bhatti and encouraging father- residing in a joint family- somehow turned him into a spoil BRAT.

On top of it, choice of unscrupulous company served as oil in the lamp that ignited the beast inside him even more. The journey of a Savage Puneet fired up from that moment.
Nonetheless, nothing can actually exterminate the inner kindness and affection when you have well incorporated principles. His principles of respecting a girl and saving a girl’s image and dignity made him fight for them. In regard of which, he started a Facebook page called “THE GOOD DEVILS”. Puneet Bhatti 1

But god has his own ways to test a good person’s patience. The dark phase of his life shocked him with a bombshell. Puneet and his family had to leave Rourkela in search of a new life, as his few relatives had made their life miserable and unethically took over their business. Meanwhile, due to all the stress and struggle, everyone failed to notice the downfall of his mother’s health. By the time it was visible, his mother had already entered fourth stage of Breast Cancer, that too, within 1 year of shifting to Raipur.

By this time, he got into college where he decided to change himself. He was now a well- behaved boy who was full of energy, positivity, and a search of new friends. Things got worse when he lost his mother to Cancer. He was broken and gave up on everything, but eventually gathered himself, thought he wasn’t a loser who runs away from everything. He rose again to become the president of his college Dimat, Raipur. Ultimately, he ended up being everybody’s favorite. He learnt a lot from his experiences and the kinds of friends he made. Burnt by his own ashes but rising like a phoenix, he is all set to mark his presence to the world.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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