The lady with the Iron Will – Rashmi Prabhjot

Rashmi PrabhjotBeing born with a silver spoon, Rashmi belonged to a well known and a well to do family of Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh. Rashmi was always praised for being one of the most active and intelligent child. Rashmi was her father’s apple of the eye, grand ma’s little Dramebaaz, and a princess to everyone in the family. Life couldn’t have been better for her.

But unfortunately, when she was 15, she lost a part of her soul in the form of her father who passed away because of some ailments. Things went bad for her since she was no longer that happy chirpy girl. With so much of pressure, Rashmi decided to start earning at a very tender age of 16. She started tutoring school children up to 5th standard. She worked hard to make her life better.
After her elder sister got married, Rashmi was left all alone to fight for her basic rights and happiness.She was left stranded in the middle of nowhere. Being the woman with right wits Rashmi knew what was right and wrong, and she rebelled.Rashmi Prabhjot

One fine day Rashmi left Ambikapur and shifted to Raipur to start a new life. But when do the ghosts of your past stop haunting you? The rumor soon reached her ear that Rashmi bolted away with a guy. A direct assault on her character and coming from a person she least expected from, her sister. It was the worst thing ever.But none the less she kept herself strong and continued working hard.

Today, she is a school teacher in one of the reputed schools of Raipur & this is what she advises, “Don’t trust their actions, notice the intentions they hold.”


Storyteller: Anukriti Bose

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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