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First of all A very Happy Children’s Day to the child within each one of us.Anushree Soni

On this special occasion here is a story of a girl Anushree Soni, 11 years is a State level Yoga participant. Her grandfather being a regular yoga person even at the age of 75 is fit and going and is she got her love for yoga from him. At the age of 9 when the sole purpose of every kid is to enjoy and have fun with their friends at free time in school. This girl instead of following her friends chose yoga as the optional subject.Anushree Soni

She attends extra classes for yoga in her school 3 days a week. Her teacher in Bhavana’s saw potential in her and informed her parents about it. It came as a surprise to her parents that she is doing so well in yoga. In these 2 years apart from participating in the STATE LEVEL YOGA Championship Competition. She has participated in school events and some local events and has won accolades and prizes.Anushree Soni

She even gets offers to participate in yoga competitions outside Raipur but seeing her age her parents want her to go after a few years. She is a complete sports enthusiast. At the age of 2, she did bungee jumping like a pro. She is even good at skating. A super active kid, she is always on her toes. She even participated in various sports at Decathlon. She also recently completed the Pink Marathon of 5 km in 46 mins. Sometimes the increasing difficulty level in yoga takes a toll on her health but her love for yoga is beyond everything. More power to you little girl and we know that you will shine bright in this field one fine day.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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