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Rupendra Kavi 1There’s no way to escape from what you’re into, rather to work hard at it is what life’s all about”
– Says Dr Rupendra Kavi, a young anthropologist, poet, author, teacher, motivational speaker and so much more. Hailing from the town of cross streets, Jagdalpur, a man with much to be known of. A PhD in Anthropology, and more than one masters’ degree, is what makes Dr. Kavi a man to be mentioned about.
Having completed his primary studies from Jagdalpur, Dr. Kavi always had dreamed of doing something that’s worth an achievement.
A graduate in Sanskrit Literature, and getting his first master’s degree in 2001, he received his PhD in Anthropology in 2007. With 3 master’s degrees already under the hat, and still appearing for another one this year; Dr. Kavi has left no stone un-turned to motivate youngsters to keep gaining knowledge as long as one can.
Currently posted as a Research Assistant in Directorate of Tribal Research and Training Institute, Jagdalpur division, Dr. Kavi has been continuously working for development of the tribes in Bastar and around. Felicitated with a number of national and high level awards, one can never find a trace of pride on his face when he’s around.Rupendra Kavi 2
With a published book as an Author, and another one as a co-author, he has translated a couple of Hindi books too. As many as 62 published and unpublished pieces of poetry and stories under the belt, he has contributed greatly towards literature as well. He has also appeared for Doordarshan Raipur and Akashwani, Prasarbharati as a guest speaker on various topics and discussions.
Motivating and encouraging youngsters from a long time, Dr. Kavi advises youngsters not to fluctuate or get distracted from a path chosen, already. Working hard for something one wants to achieve is that makes them successful at it. We wish him a successful journey ahead, and many more such achievements to motivate youngsters and make Chhattisgarh proud.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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