Shilpi Burman Sonar- A Passionate & Hard Working Designer

Shilpi Burman Sonar- A Passionate & Hard Working Designer


Shilpi Burman Sonar

Nothing comes easy in life and when you are ready to struggle and have that desire to have it then it is bound to come to you. Shilpi Sonar is a perfect example of this as she has really worked very hard to reach where she is today.

She basically belongs to Nagpur and has done her B.Tech in house and interiors in 1988. Hers was the first batch of this course and moreover female were not really inclined towards it as it was an architecture and interior course. She always had an inclination towards interiors and creativity and she was also a good painter. She wanted to work as an architect but couldn’t because it required license. She then did her internship under a builder and started working as an assistant architect for a year.

Her life took a turn in 1989 when she got married and shifted base to Chandrapur. There she tried to work but she did not get weightage and her work was misused . She got disheartened and took a break. In the mean while she also had a baby. When her baby was 1.5 years she decided to start again and came to Nagpur with her son to work in the same firm she was working before marriage. Her husband was still posted in Chandrapur so she kept juggling between the two cities.

In Nagpur she majorly had to deal with architectural work which did not interest her much. Then her firm started a knock-down furniture store and she was made the in-charge of it. She enjoyed doing it as she was able to give creative inputs in home decor. Then she got a project under her company to design guest houses for a cement company in Raipur and she put her heart and soul into it. She then used to juggle between Raipur, Nagpur and Chandrapur. Though she got a lot of appreciation but for it did not get her share in the company. Feeling dejected she left her job and started taking individual projects.

At the age of 25, she became the consultant of L and T exactly after 5 days of leaving her job. She then worked for 5 years and established the township for them. It got a lot of appreciation. In 1997, she started her own company but success yet took some time to come to her. Raipur at that time was not adaptive towards interior designing and it took some time. She then slowly worked on different residential projects as well as commercial ones in different cities. She then realized to give a platform to the youth to learn interior designing and set up her institute, Aesthetic Institute for Designing though her husband is the one who handles it. She then started providing internships to students of her institute

Shilpi Burman Sonar

Mrs Sonar has also got Women of the Year award in 2012 from Dainik Bhaskar. In 2014 she got Chhattisgarh Leadership Award and the ABS award in 2016. She has also been chosen for festival of architecture and interior designing among 70 best designers of India.

After so much of the struggle her husband finally shifted base to Raipur in 2000 and since then has been a helping hand. Without her husband she would have not been able to achieve anything. He is an ideal husband and is the biggest support system to her. Her son, Satyadeep Sonar is also an architect by profession and has been raised beautifully. She is making Raipur proud and is also an ideal to many youngsters of the town. Kudos to Mrs Sonar for enlightening the youth and providing them with a platform. She is a true inspiration for all those who want to attain big despite the adverse situations.

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