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Shruti Agrawal- Foodie by nature, reader by passion, buyer by profession

Mrs. Shruti Agrawal- Foodie by nature, reader by passion, buyer by profession, runner by imagination and super woman-in-making.

Shruti, a resident of Raipur, has stayed away from home for 14 long year to receive the best of education. Schooled at ShrutiScindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior for some years and Kota later, she has completed her engineering from M.I.T., Manipal; has pursued an M.B.A. from I.M.I., Delhi and has professional working experience with M.N.C.s like Toshiba & Vedanta.

With changing schools and colleges and jobs, shruti has been part of a mixture of traditional and modern, professional culture and people.  She is now finally settled in Raipur.

What makes her stand out is her undying enthusiasm towards every challenge she takes up or is handed. She is nothing less than a superwoman. She aces the balance between her house and office both where she works part time with full

responsibility. She is someone who ensures timely delivery of hot chapatis at home as well as quality services to her customers.

Her lifestyle is very demanding as it involves lots of traveling, attending social events, activities and exhibitions. It has not been an easy journey so far for her. She struggles everyday juggling between a home and professional manager, a wife, a daughter and a woman always in pursuit of something. She says “There are moments when it feels like you are losing it all. Then there are small moments of glory”.


Running and meditation have helped her keep focused, calm and positive spirited. She says not to undermine Family support for it has been her biggest strength, helping her perform far from her abilities.

She is now looking forward to expand her horizon by contributing towards societal welfare with the dream of bringing smiles to those who haven’t been blessed yet adding to what she currently does.

A wonderwoman in making? or a Wonderwoman already?

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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