The Rising Star From Chhattisgarh | Shyama Agrawal

” The Rising Star “

Success is not necessary related to academics. It is where you put your heart and soul into and success automatically follows. Such is the story of this young singing sensation Shyama Agrawal.
“Where words fail, music speaks”.
This young boy truly believes in it. Just 17 years now he had an inclination towards music and guitar since childhood. In the 5th grade, he was gifted with a baby guitar by his father. He tried playing it and people made fun. In his 6th grade he started to learn guitar in school as an extra curricular activity.
Later that year, Vinay Bopche gave classes at his home. He was also side by side trying to learn by watching YouTube videos. Slowly he started to perform in family events and gatherings and also in school annual function. He got appreciation as well as got some negative feedback which he took sportingly and worked upon.
Shyama Agrawal
Music was always on his mind and so he lost interest in studies. As a result he failed in 9th grade, shifted base to Odisha, got studious company and bounced back in studies and passed 10th board in flying colors. But due to all these music took a backseat for 2 years. He then on the request of his school teachers started to perform again. He then had a thought to record song and sell CD’s but later got guidance that YouTube is a much better platform.Shyama Agrawal
He then at random searched for a recording studio “Silas Studios“. He then without any practice went for a recording session and uploaded the video on YouTube. He then came to know of auto tine which smoothness the original vocals. He was suggested to use it otherwise he will have a fall but he was not ready for it. A fighter that he is, he started to work to improve his vocals. But the videos didn’t come out well initially. He then started to learn the method to record videos at home. He started to record but didn’t get much response. He then ordered a home studio but it took him 2 months to learn how to operate it.Shyama Agrawal
Slowly he started improving but he had to record only at night as in day time all the outer noises also got recorded. After so much of hard work and struggle his YouTube channel is now a success.
He has also given audition of Indian Idol and got selected in the first round but got all nervous and made mistakes in the second round and got rejected. Rejection or criticism was never a hindrance for this boy as he took it on a positive note and kept going. Next in 2016 he gave the auditions of Rising Star and got rejected.Shyama Agrawal
But now finally this year he again gave audition of Rising star and got selected in the first round and he will be going for the mega auditions to KOLKATA. All this was possible with the support of his family and specially his father Mr. Sunil Agrawal. We wish him all the luck and may he make this city and his parents proud.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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