Kasturi Ballal – An Ardent Animal Lover

Kasturi Ballal – An Ardent Animal Lover

My name is Kasturi Ballal. I am an ardent animal lover and evolved being an animal activist and environmentalist. I am born and brought up in Raipur in Swami Vivekananda School. I love dogs and always have one at home. I feel compassionate towards animals and as a child always did my bit to save them such as putting grains for birds, giving food and water to the dogs, cats and cows, helping ants to find way to their home, helping caterpillar climb trees, and many such things.

I had never imagined that I would one day start a non profit organization and evolve myself as an animal rights activist and represent my city Raipur in front of Mrs Maneka Gandhi, a face of animal welfare across the globe. Kasturi Ballal

It all started with a small incident during my college days when I saw illegal dog catching going on in Raipur. It was cruel and not required. I inquired about dog population management through various organizations in India and animal protection laws. Afterwards I suggested the government to run animal birth control program which was recommended by World Health Organization and Animal Welfare Board of India. All this took about an year that made my research on animal welfare deeper than before.

I came across the nationwide organization People For Animals and registered the same in Raipur. Since that day till now not a single day has passed that I didn’t attend animals in need. We made a group first and then formed an NGO. And we are the only animal welfare organization in the entire state to work for all the animals. I have refused jobs from reputed companies so that I can create animal welfare setup in Raipur. Qualified as an engineer doing something different sounds crazy to some people, but every great idea is at first rejected.

 Kasturi BallalPeople for animals, Raipur works towards rescue of sick, injured, abandoned & homeless animals. It’s run by volunteers, we do not receive any government grants. However whatever we earn we use it for animal welfare. Till now we have rescued 2500 animals from the streets of Raipur which include stray dogs, abandoned pet dogs, birds, cows, snakes, monkeys, parakeets, etc. We are not a 24×7 animal helpline service but we try to help animals as per resources and availability of the members.
Raipur is quite an animal friendly place, here people pet Indian Desi dogs more than pedigree ones. Our organization focuses more on adoption of our native breeds that’s why we organize puppy adoption camps frequently. Till now we have found loving homes for more than 100 Desi puppies and are checked well time to time. The adoption process is strict and contains several protocols. Unless one is eligible the puppy is not handed over to the person. We can say our puppy adoption protocols are similar to those of human baby adoption.

We organize awareness camps in schools and colleges, educate people about animal welfare and opting to adopt dogs rather than buying a foreign breed. We also educate people about shifting to a meat and dairy free life which is called Veganism as true environmentalist is and has to be vegan. Currently we are establishing Chhattisgarh’s first animal shelter cum hospital.

Many a times an animal dies due to lack of facility, every life costs weather it’s a human or animal. Our organization is a platform to many animal lovers in Raipur who are future activist. We also run an awareness campaign named Mission Zero which targets towards certain ‘zero’ goals like- Zero Animals On Street, Zero Hungry Animals & Zero Dog Bites.

We wish to see animal welfare movement across Chhattisgarh. And we need members who can take up the responsibility and work for animals in the nearby areas. It took a lot of research, planning and priorities to start a shelter for the animals.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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