Sohil Rizvi : “A fickle-minded boy, who sailed in a boat of becoming an Entrepreneur or an Actor.”

A boy who imagined his life to be as interesting like that in Hogwarts, but ended up being as boring as any other child’s; is how Sohil Rizvi sums up himself and his childhood. Having spent majority of his life in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, Sohil completed his primary education there itself. Aspiring for a life to be more fascinating, he moved to Hyderabad for graduation. And, as he says, ‘unfortunately’ ended up with a B.Com. degree in hand.
Sohil always had dreamt of earning fame over money, and his stint as an Actor has somewhat helped him gain popularity in traces. Somehow, he sees his dreams getting fulfilled to an extent. The only force he blames for pushing him into acting is the constant encouragement by his family and friends. This made him participate in one of those mainstream Hyderabad Talent Hunts, before having transformed himself in the gym. He also believes his habit of daydreaming to be responsible for what he is today.

When asked about the struggles during this journey of him being ‘unknown’ to a ‘known’ face, he mentions about the local people to be a major rift between success and the youngsters there, urging them to be more supportive in terms of exposure. Sohil has proved his worth, proving them wrong, by successfully undertaking some projects like Nivea Deodorants, Bollywood movie FLAT 211 Movie, music albums, fashion blogs, short films, and some commercial ads. His future plans are, landing into Tv Serials, soon.

Sohil compliments Chhattisgarh by calling it an ‘always welcoming place.’ A ‘heaven’ out of heaven is what he thinks of his native state. He further advises youngsters by saying- Never stop dreaming and just be who you are, no matter what.
We wish Sohil, all the best for everything he aspires to achieve in his future journey.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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