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Kappil Jaswani : The Trendsetter

As soon as you begin to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has meaning. This is what Kappil Jaswani, the entrepreneur with a different mindset has experienced. He hails from Nepal and has done his schooling from there. He then went for his graduation in B.Com in Bangalore and then did his masters from U.K. in accounting and finance.

He did many part time jobs during his master’s days. He was also very active in co-curricular activities. Later he came back to Bangalore to seek a job but there he faced his first hurdle. Being a top ranked university in U.K. it was not recognized in India. Then he moved to Mumbai, Maharashtra and got a job in Bombay stock market and did that for 2.5 years. Slowly he started to feel fed up from his monotonous life and realized that he is meant something else. He then quit his job and went back to Nepal. He was then in constant touch with his friends to start something fresh and after good research came up with Steel Mint magazine, 8 years back with a friend in Raipur. He wanted to do something in the steel industry. He chose Raipur as the platform as he found people to be grounded here and lots of scope in this city.

His main aim behind this was to simplify the metal trade. He had his next hurdle after that in the form of family and people failing to understand the aim of the company and its benefits. He went through trial and error method to establish this company. It was not an easy task for him to build a team and make clients. He now has clients all across the world. After working hard for 8 years on this new concept, he came up with a new solo company in April this year called Next Ideas. The aim of this company is to promote startups. Also he aims to guide young people and also the older lot to update them with the current trends. He is a ray of hope to everyone stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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Kappil Jaswani

Kappil Jaswani : The Trendsetter

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