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Wasim : Owning his own celebrity management company- Bombay Leaders

WasimA bodyguard turned actor to now owning his own celebrity management company- Bombay Leaders, Wasim is indeed a motivation to all the dreamers out there!

Coming out of Raipur, Wasim left for Mumbai around 8 years ago to get into the security and protection providing business to celebs. He had no idea about the in and outs of the business but he did not fear hard work. He gradually started to get good work and now owns a company called the Bombay Leaders who are in the profession of celebrity management and events. They specialise in providing security to celebrities as well as organising celebrity events.

In 2009 when Wasim went to Mumbai on a holiday, he had the luck of Wasimwitnessing a film shoot there. It was a salman khan film. During the shoot he saw these two men protecting him and shadowing him everywhere. That’s what struck a chord with him. He decided then and there what he wanted to do and started working towards the security business.

His parents were always a constant support in this decision. He had all the freedom to take his own decisions and explore life. his father owns a scrap metal business, which he will have to takeover someday but he never held Wasim back. He will also take that challenge up when time comes.

WasimThe first celebrity he protected as a bodyguard was Punjabi singer Daler Mehendi, back in 2010. Because he wanted to start a company, he recruited people from gyms in Raipur and put together a team of 10 people. Now, 8 years later, around 5,000 people from all over the country are connected with his company. They have cohesively provided protection to more than 300 celebrities till now and continue to grow as an organisation. “I have also dabbled a bit in acting and done a few roles in TV serials. They have been negative roles mostly, but, I do enjoy being in front of the camera.” Said Wasim.Wasim

He continues to work towards making Bombay Leaders (Celebrity Management & Events) one of the best names in celebrity protection and event management.

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