Dr Shobhana Rana: a lady helping lives with a big heart

Dr Shobhana Rana: a lady helping lives with a big heart

“Do not miss a chance to help others ever. If you are ready to help, God will always be by your side”- with this motto, Dr Shobhana Rana thrives at working for and serving people with all she can. A homeopathic doctor, social worker, art & craft enthusiast, and most importantly a beautiful woman is Dr Shobhana who is worth knowing for a chance.

Basically from Bhopal, Dr Shobhana started her journey of homeopathy in her hometown. After having graduated from Bhopal, she moved to Nagpur for her post graduation and did her PGNHIMD from there. She moved to Raipur after her marriage and this is where her endeavours as a social work took a leap. She currently has three health clinics in Raipur, the specialty of one of which is that it works for the welfare of the needy. It’s located in Devpuri, near the Amarnath Gurudwara, and it happens to be a free clinic for four days for the needy. The ones who can’t consult a doctor because of the lack of wealth, can come and get their checkup done free of cost. The most important day happens to be Sunday when the people attending Langar in the Gurudwara, come and without a hesitation share their problems with the doctor. This is surely a one of a kind initiative to be mentioned.Dr Shobhana Rana

Talking about some other achievements of Dr Shobhana, she’s also been the Mrs India Chhattisgarh Elegance 2017, and Mrs Raipur Intelligence 2016. It’s true to say that Dr Shobhana possesses the same beauty outside which she does in her heart. “You remain positive when you keep yourself busy”, is what she believes, and with an optimistic approach towards life, she happens to be successful in whatever she thrives to do and be.

Talking about her future goals in whatever she thinks can be a possibility- a clinic bigger in size and facilities, with more number of doctors is surely on the cards. And with a supportive family, and an ever so supportive Husband, it’s not a matter of difficulty for someone like her with that will power. Last but not the least, Dr Shobhana Rana gives out the idea of starting the process of helping from one’s own home. If not financially or physically, a moral help would do. In the end, we thank Dr Shobhana for all her dedication towards the society, and wish her all the best for her future goals.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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