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Marital Rape- The Truth

Every girl desires to have a happy married life but life has its own rules. According to the Indian society, marriage is the union between two souls where both the husband and the wife exchange vows to be with each other forever irrespective of the circumstances. Also, marriage provide an institution for the legalisation of sex between couple. But the main question  is whether the marriage permit the husband to rape his own wife ? With every passing hours, marital rape is becoming the harsh reality of the society. Additionally, the youth and people are still unaware about it.

Is marriage license to rape a woman?

Today,  the question is still unanswered, the society  stands speechless behind the victim still wondering what she meant.

Marital rape is the forced sex upon the wives by their husbands. Forceful penetration or unwilling sex without ‘ consent’ of the either of the couple  in marriage can both be regarded as marital rape.

Marital rape has never been a mystery rather,  it is the most accepted form of violence in the society. Today, if we look into the statistics we can see that the women are still unaware about the violence played upon  them within the confined walls of their houses. Sad but true, not only amongst the people but also, the marital rape has no recognition as a crime in the Indian Penal Code.

Criminalisation of marital rape in India is still a distant dream for India as firstly, according to BJP, the criminalisation of marital rape would destabilise the institution of marriage and the law would also interfere with the sacred vows exchanged between the couple. Every couple owes a private space but is marital rape legally justified to rape one’s own wife in the name of marriage or an obligation to fulfil the duties of marriage ?

Also, since we are dominated by the patriarchal society, what may appears as marital rape to someone may not be a crime for the other person. We have made a stereotypical places for women and this has given  birth to some of the unrecognised grave crimes in the society.

Feminist scholars have believe that patriarchy is ruling the world and the law is biased in nature. The youth of our nation must realise the importance of ‘ Consent’ in the life. Marriage do not permit forceful sex. Sex without consent is always rape in a married life as well.

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