Mrs. Prabha Shrishrimal- The Culinary Wizard

Mrs. Prabha ShrishrimalMrs. Prabha Shrishrimal– The Culinary Wizard

The journey to man’s heart; rather the journey to everyone’s heart begins from their stomachs, and Mrs Prabha Shrishrimal is a master at pleasing hearts. With an extensive knowledge of food and the culinary arts, Mrs Shrishrimal is one of the most sought-after names when it comes to learning about food in the city.Mrs. Prabha Shrishrimal

Born in the city of Ahmedabad, the love for cooking has always been an integral part of her life. Her first teachers were her mother and grandmother, who in her eyes are one of the best cooks the world has seen. She also believes that a part of her success in the art of food, is because of the innate talent that she possesses while working with food. She took her first ever class on Mocktails over 25 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. The people around her have seen her grow from a nervous lady standing in front of a class of 4, to a lady who confidently commands a class of 200. Mrs. Shrishrimal has mastered almost all the cuisines and is a pro at baking. At a competition for ‘Home Bakers’ in Mumbai, she was awarded the Gold Medal for the 4 desserts that she presented in front of the judges. She feels that it is her love and her passion for cooking and baking that drives her to the success that she holds.

Mrs. Prabha ShrishrimalThe time and age that saw Mrs Shrishrimal starting her journey into the world of food, was the age of no internet. Initially she would rely on the teachings of her mother and grandmother, and the slight changes that she brought out in the recipes to learn and get where she is today. With no formal training in the art, she has reached heights that many dreams of. She is also the author of a cookbook on the Jain cuisine and is now planning and working towards her second book which would deal with the art of healthy eating and living.

Mrs. Prabha Shrishrimal plans and hopes to open her own culinary school in the city, where everyone interested in the art of cooking and baking can enhance their skills with long-term courses that span over half a year to a year.Mrs. Prabha Shrishrimal

According to Mrs Shrishrimal, cooking is an art that grips the interest of almost everyone regardless of their age or gender. It would intrigue a 10-year-old in the same way it would a 65-year-old. She feels that a career in the food industry is something that can never go wrong. She believes, if you put your heart and soul into whatever you cook, no matter how simple or complex the dish maybe, it enhances the taste and just makes the whole process of cooking and serving all the more satisfactory.

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