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Tripti Rao: A lawyer cycling her way through a spectacular life

Tripti Rao 1
Tripti Rao

“Cycling is more of a mental than a physical sport. Every person should atleast cycle once in a week to remain fit”, says K Tripti Rao. Tripti is a lawyer, fitness enthusiast, cyclist, and a Super Randonneur, who has achieved something which other woman in the state could.

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Tripti Rao

A fearless girl born  in Jagdalpur and changed 7 schools as her father was in a transferable job, But did her high school from Raipur , Tripti always had an inclination towards sports and fitness since her school days as she tried her hands in sports like Badminton and Atheletics occasionally. A law graduate from HNLU, Raipur, she had her visions clear when it came to profession. When talked about cycling- yes, it happened to her accidentally. It was once when she was asked by her Dad to get the puncture of his mountain bike repaired, she got a chance to meet some riders at the cycle shop who invited her for a Sunday ride. This thing fascinated her for a while, and she agreed. That was when her journey as a cyclist got a kickstart.

She initially did 50-70 kms rides along with the team, and started liking the way it was done. After doing a couple more 70 odd kms rides, there was nothing to stop her. That was when she chose to take part in Brevets (a challenge involving long distance cycling in a specific time period). The only thing she had in mind was becoming a Rondennuer, and to be one she had to complete a ride with a minimum distance of 200 kms in 12.5 hours. Once she achieved in November last year, her graph took a leap, and things started changing rapidly. She went on completing brevets of 300 kms and 400 kms in next couple of months, and next step was to complete a 600 kms brevet to be a Super Rondennuer. Having done a 600 kms brevet in March, 2018, Tripti had her name recorded in history as the first woman from the state to do so.

Talking about the professional front, having practised at District Court, Raipur for two years after her graduation, Tripti is currently a law practitioner at High Court, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Taking this in consideration, it’s really tough for her to maintain a balance between her cycling training and her job. But with supportive parents by the side, things are always better. With brevets being risky as they take place overnights too, it’s her parents who have given her the strength to fight all odds. According to her, cycling is something which has become a part of her life, and when it keeps her happy, there’s nothing better than this. With her eye on 1400 kms in the coming October, we wish her with all the best of the mental and physical strength for all her future rides of life.

Tripti Rao

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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