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Priyanka Bissa- Beyond The Confines

Priyanka BissaPriyanka Bissa– Beyond The Confines

When the firmament of the mind is painted with all inclusive dreams & aspirations then the individual is never limited to a fixed frame of work to emerge significant for the self & society. With such all inclusiveness Priyanka Bissa never confines herself in any set of activities so as to drive herself on full throttle for employing maximum of her competence with utter dedication towards every aspect of life.

Priyanka a native of Raipur, completed her school education from Tiny Tots & Swami Vivekananda Higher Secondary School. Then she went on to enroll herself in the Degree Girls College for her graduation in arts. Afterwards she completed her post graduation as Master of Arts.Priyanka Bissa

She has always been multi-talented with her inclination towards extensive bandwidth of activities involving art & craft, dance, academics and social work. She won her very first award for her dancing talent when she was just 2 years old. She has also been awarded by the former President of India late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for her drawing when she was 6. Later on she learned Rajasthani folk dance & Kathak with the influence of her mother. She has also learned Assamese folk dance Bihu & Chhattisgarhi folk dance Raut Nacha. Her performances of different dance forms along with participation in various other co-curricular activities reached numerous big stages as she participated in almost every cultural, literary & art competition organized in the state and never missed to make it to the winners’ list.

Her journey as a social activist began when she was in the 10th standard. She would collect books gone out of syllabus and gift them to the underprivileged kids. Later her firm commitment fueled it to such an extent that she started to call upon slum dwelling kids at her home for taking classes on the rooftop along with gifting books & other stationary items. This she still continues with all her exuberance.

Priyanka BissaWhen she began to pursue her graduation it was all new to her to conform with the college lifestyle. This was the time when she joined NSS which later proved to be instrumental for her to learn in depth about the Indian constitution, government schemes & policies and social work. Her indulgence towards being a helping hand for the change in the society gradually acquired the sense of responsibility which now is her constant companion for whatsoever she takes on.

At the age of 17 she slated a plan with her brother to establish a kindergarten school. As the time went by she came up with the school for the little ones but her other commitments never saw a halt. She also broadened the horizon of her commitments with an orphan age called Matri Chhaya which she joined to lend smile on the faces of the unfortunate ones. She has also won the national award at the 1st Mega Youth Parliament for her pivotal advices to the parliament of India which included installing sanitary pads dispenser machine.Priyanka Bissa

She has attended various NSS camps of district, state & national level. Wherever she goes her priority is always to aware people about the importance of mass mobilization for the common cause. She goes on to conduct campaigns for public welfare on a regular basis such as sanitation & personal hygiene drive for girls and plant adoption campaign which she herself supervised & oversaw. She is constantly active with the less educated ones to skill them for the communication channels to benefit from the government grants & other welfare schemes. She has also given bloods test cards to over 11500 registered individuals. Her work towards the emancipation of the transgender community in Rajasthan reflects that her philanthropic fervor is not constrained in any framework. Recently on the International Women’s Day she mobilized the widows to celebrate the day.

She has been suggested innumerable times to drop some of her commitments to focus more on others but she is all zealous with the moral support from her father to go on with them all as not a single day has passed when she isn’t absolutely involved to promptly use the 24-hour cycle for all her indulgence involving dance, art, kindergarten, social work and her studies with the preparation for her PhD degree.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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