Tripti Jain : An Artist par Excellence

Tripti JainTripti Jain : An Artist par Excellence

As Henry Matisse once said- ” Creativity takes courage “. Tripti Jain holds all the courage it takes to remain creative in this boring world. A Jack of all trades is what Tripti can be entitled for the varieties of talents she has showcased with time.

She was just 4 years old when she started holding the paint brush and colour pencils to draw. Her mother was the sole guidance in everything she had while growing up. During her 4th grade of schooling, her mother used to hide all her drawing sheets, for which she started finding an alternative and succeeded in the end. She ended up making drawings on Spinach leaves and Sesame seeds. Her journey as a true artist started there on.

In 2007, she did her first Drawing exhibition, and later in 2008, went on showcasing her work in Nutan Kala Sangam. She went on doing exhibitions which included a 51 painting exhibition themed on Mother, Oil Painting exhibitions and many more. With an unstoppable count of 11 exhibitions to date, she’s been doing great with her brush in hand.Tripti Jain

After her schooling, she decided to Join cooking classes, and went on winning a competition. This boosted her confidence, and later on she got selected in Masterchef which she left on being asked to cook Non-veg Food. After that, she went to Mumbai to practise Makeup and Hairstyling, and have done Makeup for various actresses including the big break in the movie, Ayyaari. She’s also a purple belt in Karate, a trained dancer, and wishes to learn singing as well.

Her major achievements being the Baal Chitrakaar Award by Akashwani in 2009, and The Paint party with a vision to bring all kinds of artists together was a success in late 2017. She aims at taking over her Mother’s daycare which is the only proper Daycare in Chhattisgarh, where people can drop thier kids for proper Daycare. With parents’ support and unbound dreams, Tripti has achieved it all today.

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