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The Legend Stan Lee!

Our marvelous ‘Marvel Man’ has left us forever. The legend Stan Lee died on 12th November 2018. While the cause for his death has not been established, fans are having a hard time coping with this news!

Stan Lee, the co-creator of Marvel comics was 95 years old. Moreover, His comics were a treat for our teenage selves. His comics were launched in the 1940s. Stan Lee was the reason our young minds learned the importance of entertainment and creativity. He also taught us to think out of the box!



Lee inspired us in every way. He made us believe there is a superhero in all of us if we choose the right path. His creativity even made the bad guys look relatable!

With the success of Spiderman (with Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker) and The Fantastic Four, Stan proved that he is the king of superhero stories. He (with the help of Jack Kirby) revolutionized Marvel comics in the 1960s!

The Godfather


Lee was the first comic creators to ever speak at colleges at a time when comic art was not taken seriously by the critics. Also, his creations include Spiderman, The X-Men, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and hundreds of characters for the Marvel Universe.

Moreover, Stan always had us on the edge of our seats even as a cameo in all movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a result even with just 20 films with the MCU, Stan has proved to be a godfather of Cameos!


Now that he has left us all of his fans are showing their love and respect via social media. And, not just his fans, his death has left his ‘creations’ in agony too – Thor, Iron-Man, Captain America etc. Everyone is in a state of disbelief and have paid respects to him with all their hearts!

Everyone has offered their respects to him… But some were just gems. So we have compiled them here!

All we can say is that we will miss you Excelsior!




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