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Has 2.0 Busted The Block In Raipur as Well?

At some point, Shankar must have thought, “Enough! What can be more Rajinikanth than Rajinikanth himself?” How about two Rajinikanth? Especially when the second is an automaton capable of adjectives-fail-me stunts – say, mutating into numerous rifle-holding robots curled to form a football, shooting relentlessly, transforming into miniature versions flying on pigeons, or becoming a cage that traps a monster. Chitti, in the words of millennials, is “next level”.

Enthiran The Robot

Rajinikanth starrer 2.0 hit screens on Thursday. The film continues the journey of Chitti from the 2010 film Enthiran but this time he is challenged by a villain played by Akshay Kumar. 2.0 is said to be the spiritual successor of Enthiran.

Robot 2.0

Goods And Bads!

It’s that time of the year when fans line up outside theatres early in the morning to be the first one to catch the first look of a Thalaiva film. The madness will finally begin! 2.0 is one film that fans have been desperately waiting for.  Everything about this film was grand and so were our expectations. Now, before we get into what we did not like about the film, let us tell you everything that we loved about it. This is the first Indian film that has been shot in 3D and it has been done wonderfully. The film was delayed to ensure that the VFX is top notch and it is much better than anything we have seen this year.

It’s visually pleasing to the eyes, especially when you watch it in 3D. The action sequences are a sight for sore eyes and satisfaction for the South Indian heart that loves these masala fight scenes in films. Akshay Kumar has outdone himself in the second half and deserves a lot of credit for it. His character has a very strong backstory that a lot of you will relate but sadly, it has not been written so well as to develop his character into something more interesting. Not to mention, Amy Jackson is also one of the good and entertaining characters in the film. The first half of the movie will leave you saying ‘What the hell is happening?’ and ‘WTF’ multiple times but the second half makes up for the dud show that the first half is.

Robot 2.0

Box office Collection!

Film 2.0 has bagged over Rs 500 crore at the worldwide box office if all three languages — Hindi, Tamil, Telugu — are taken into account. In Hindi alone, 2.0 is by far the eighth biggest hit of 2018 and has bagged over Rs 132 crore in the first seven days of business. 2.0 is now a bigger hit than both Stree and Raazi.

Sanju (Rs 342.53 crore) and Padmaavat (Rs 302.15 crore) are the biggest Bollywood hits of the year. 2.0’s co-producer Karan Johar tweeted, “A box-office phenomena. 500 crores worldwide. We at Dharma Movies are so proud to be associated with the Hindi version of this movie marvel”.

Robot 2.0

With Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar coming together, the film is a treat for audiences everywhere. Amy Jackson plays a significant role in the film too. Touted as the most expensive film made in Indian cinema, it looks like 2.0 might become the biggest film that we have seen till date.


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