7 Fashion Tips for Curvy Girls

7 Fashion Tips for Curvy Girls

Having curves is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, every women regardless of her shape and size should be proud and happy in her own body no matter what. But when it comes to the struggle of finding clothes that perfectly fits you and also shines out the diva in you,, you might need a few extra styling tips. Flaunt away your beautiful curves with these 7 fashion tips.


  1. Nothing Too Tight- Or Too Loose

    styling tips
    styling tips


When you’ve a curvy figure, you may select an outfit that’s baggy so that you can ‘cover up’ those extra kilos but that way you’re actually highlighting your body in a way that is not flattering. On the contrary, selecting outfits that fits you too tight will also not flatter your shapely figure either. You need to find a happy medium; finding clothes that fit your body without being too tight or too loose is the best way to look beautiful no matter what shape or size you are.

                                                2. Get your clothes tailored

styling tips


If you face troubles while finding outfits  that fit you just right- like if your pants fit you perfect on your thighs and backside, but you find them a little tight around your tummy- get it tailored. Tailoring your clothes may not be the best option, but you’ll be very  happy by realizing how well your tailored outfits suits you. You can get your pants, dresses, and skirts tailored very conveniently  to fit your body type, and tailoring means it is made only for you- which is really special and awesome, isn’t it?


3. Flared Jeans

styling tips


The flare jeans perfectly balances your curves for an attractive finish. You don’t have to completely avoid skinny jeans, ladies with curvy figure can certainly rock these jeans. Your best investment would be in more flared jeans than skinny jeans!



  1. 4. Knee High Bootsstyling tips


When boots’ weather comes in, ladies, I’d highly suggest you to indulge in a pair of knee high boots. Knee high boots add some extra length to your legs, that simply means you create a slender and taller appearance overall. For these boots, you’ll need to invest in some adorable leggins or skinny jeans to match up. You can also rock knee high boots with tights and a skirt as well.

  1. styling tips5. Fit and Flare Dresses


These are also known as ‘Skater Dresses’ in the fashion industry. The top is left somewhat tight. which means you can show off your larger upper half in a way that’s flirty and appealing. Cinched at the waist and flared down below, this draws more attention to your smaller waist and creates a slimmer appearance altogether. The flare on the bottom creates a carefree flow that is really cute, Pair it up with your favorite footwears for a really trendy style.



  1. Crop Tops

 styling tips

Girls, I recommend you to flaunt your body, your belly, and your curves, and carry on a crop top. It really looks sizzling hot! Carry a crop top on with some high-waist shorts or a very flattering pencil skirt, so you’re not showing off too much of your skin, while still wearing something. Crop tops have this special trait of flaunting your best features in a very gorgeous way.




7. Big Waist Belts

When you have a curvy figure, you wish to pull major attention to your curves in a way that’s appealing and saucy. A big waist belt will make your waist look smaller. These belts look perfect with tops and especially dresses, so feel free to accessorize with these type of belts at times.styling tips

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