KHADI – The Fabric of Independent India

The story of the handwoven magnificence of Khadi revolves around Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian Independence struggle.

We, at Prachi’s Designz take pride to announce our Pracheen Collection that brings to your wardrobe pure Khadi fabrics to customise your fashion way forward. I believe every Indian should know the rich history of Khadi that has inspired us to work on it and the objective is not merely to enrich the people of Raipur with the finest Khadi fabrics and design but also to make people understand the significance of this textile and how it is manufactured.

Khadi is manufactured in two steps –  Spinning and Weaving. The spinning wheels convert the fibre into yarn which is followed by weaving the yarn into fabrics using looms.

Handspinning and hand weaving have been around for thousands of years. We can trace back its presence to the Indus alley Civilisation back around 2800 B.C. making Khadi ancient and glorious. There have been various mentions of the beauty and vividness of the rich Indian fabric in the history.


Mahatma Gandhi termed Khadi as the ‘fabric of  Independent India’ and as a symbol of India’s potential economic self sufficiency. The simplicity of Khadi speaks for its elegance. Fashion is a symbol and the fact that it was fashioned by the epitome of simlicity and transparency, Khadi stands tall with its divine touch to enrich your wardrobe and style at any moment.

Make a rich addition to your collection and book your Khadi fabric with us if you haven’t already.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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