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Bowling Alleys Of Raipur In Full Swing!

We’re talking about Raipur’s Bowling alleys!

While we all have friends in limited numbers (because of quality, not quantity, Duh!), the places to hang out with your friends are in abundance. Raipur has many places to hang out with your friends, be it Marine Drive, Katora Talaab or even the Cafes. But, The thing that is unique in itself, that has the charm of the ’90s has only a few ‘Addas’. We’re talking about Raipur’s Bowling alleys!

Involving a lot of heart-racing competition and striking skittles to claim a score is what we all ’90s kids love

Strikers Lounge

bowling alley

One of the most beloved Bowling alleys of the town, Strikers Lounge makes the bowling experience extremely prodigious. They offer the perfect blend of ambiance, Fun and great crowd.

Where: Colors Mall, Pachpedi Naka

Fun Castle

bowling alley

Fun Castle is located in the heart of the city, and it won’t be an understatement to say it captures the hearts of Youth as well! Delish Grub, Great Competition and Amazing Vibes are what makes Fun Castle a great place.

Where: City Centre, Pandri

Rocking Alley (White Club)

bowling alley

A top-notch gaming hub is what the youth really needs, and Rocking Alley (White Club) provides it completely! As the name suggests, the ambiance gives a classy feeling. Featuring shiny pins and perfect bowling balls, it sets you right up for that amazing gaming experience.

Where: VW Canyon, VIP Road

So, What are you waiting for? Call your friends and get your game face on!



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