We have all hit rock bottom in life, where we put our foot down and decide to walk (read: drag ourselves) towards a healthy life. I will not say lose weight or gain weight because let’s be honest the whole ordeal that come along with the tag of weight modification is a pain in the *ahem* behind, and most of us give up within the first month. so here is what you can do to stay mentally sane while your body gets ready to rock them abs.


Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Set Realistic Goals

I cannot stress this enough; and you’ve probably read this in every single article about healthy eating that you might have come across so far. But this is the most important thing. Tune your brain to gradual charges and changes that you yourself can bring about Aiming to lose 15v kilos in a month, while that sounds appealing is neither realistic nor healthy. So plan to lose 4-5 kilos in a month and you’ll be good to go.





2. Satiate your cravings

Healthy LifestyleYes! It is very very important to satiate your cravings and not just suppressing them. How long will you be able to hold yourself back from having a piece of chocolate or a handful of chips? Not long, one day the brain will win and y

ou’ll eat much more than you would have in the first place. If you crave, say for example something sweet, have some honey. Yes, it isn’t the best option, I agree, but it does satiate the craving and doesn’t force you to ea

lthier alternatives to your cravings, rather than forcing yourself to “control” them.


  1. Be gradual with everything


Healthy LifestyleDon’t put your body and mind through extreme situations on the first day. YOU WILL GIVE UP FASTER THAN YOU ANTICIPATED. Make all the changes that you wish to see and adopt as a lifestyle gradually. Don’t cut your body off of the food that it is used to getting all your life, instead reduce it a little everyday till your body gets used to the absence of it. Especially sugar, give it up gradually. If you go from 2 tsps. of sugar per cup of tea/coffee to zero in one day your body will have withdrawal symptoms. So be gradual. Same with the exercise part of it, don’t run a marathon the first day. Take it slow and give your body and mind time to adjust.

Healthy Lifestyle


  1. Understand yourself

For you to achieve your goals it is important that your body and mind work in complete sync. A healthy

body with an unhealthy mind is utterly useless and vice versa. You might have noticed that your becoming cranky even though you’re doing everything that your dietician/trainer says and you’re losing weight. The weight loss doesn’t give you as much satisfaction as it should. Understand that your mind is unsatisfied, tweak your workout and food habits a little to cut the monotony and make your mind active again. Our mind is something most of us forget while bringing changes in our lives.


  1.   5.  Cut the monotony

Same routine every day is monotonous. The same thing applies to your food and workout. The same set of food albeit in different forms will tire your mind. Shuffle your food in a way that you eat all the right things in a way that every week your body and mind get something new.


  1. Make google your best friend

Find recipes online. There are tons of different ways to eat something as boring as a salad. Google for recipes and keep a stash of them. These will help you on days when your brain tells you NO MORE at the thought of healthy food. Just whip something up from your stash and trick your brain into believing its new.



Healthy Lifestyle7. Don’t give up

By far this has to be one of the most cliché tips. But you have to constantly remind yourself of the end goal. Focus on what you’ll get out of it rather than the tiresome journey. Enjoy the journey thinking about the way you would feel and look at the end of the road. But most importantly, think about the big astonished eyes of every single idiot that called you fat when they see you. Trust me there something very very satisfying and motivating about that image in your head.




  1. Check your body, not the scaleHealthy Lifestyle

While numbers on the scale are important, they aren’t the only parameter. Check for signs that your body is changing, rather than waiting for the numbers on the scale to change. Loose clothes, taut belly, firmer bums, look at these in the mirror rather than how much you’ve lost weight wise. Because I don’t think anyone is going to roam around with a scale to measure your weight, but would rather see your body and determine the change.


Healthy Lifestyle9.   Don’t stay hungry

Eat. Eat and eat a little more. But eat healthy. Now while it might be easier to have a little of something that’s good for you but you don’t like, it isn’t the way to go about it. If you’re forcing your body to live on just salad, make sure that you give it enough salad. Most of us don’t understand our own hunger and end up depressed and angry within a short span or starting out. The major reason for the mind being upset is lack of food. Our body and mind is tuned to associate happiness with food. Stay hungry and you will deprive yourself of the basic contentment.


Keeping all this is mind, don’t get disheartened if you don’t see the changes instantly. Give yourself time. If you’ve spent all your life making unhealthy choices, give your body time to react to the healthy ones. And always remember.  healthy mind and healthy body always need to co-exist. Cheers!

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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