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TRANSFORM is a dream that the young power-packed trio are living each day. This is a place for all fitness enthusiasts; a place for people who want to understand their body; and a place for people who want to transform themselves into health geeks.

yoga transform reincarnating raipurWe have been learning since childhood that Health is Wealth. In order to fuel our daily calorie and nutrient requirements, we need to have a balanced diet. Eating a well-balanced diet along with regular exercises; keeps us fit and going. When it comes to choosing the right kind of food for us, our tongue overpowers our mind. Our mind calculates the calories but our tongue wants everything yummy (Junk food in fact). Not that the home-made food is not tasty, but there is something about these convenience food that attracts us. If asked to choose between a pizza and roti-sabzi; pizza surely would win the battle. And nothing easy comes without bearing an equal cost. In this case, we end up paying more in terms of deteriorating our health.

It is thus significant for each individual to understand the importance of health and to lead a lifestyle which brings sustainability into our lives. It is important for us to learn about the importance of healthy meals, workout, nutrition, calorie counting, fitness and our body. It is also beneficial to keep in mind that one needs to eat the right kind of food at the right time.

Transform is a community which educates one about their body’s Nutrition Requirement and Workout Regime as per their body goal. It is a place to share workout and nutrition related stories, aspirations and most importantly motivating one another to transform themselves. Transform is a platform where one can actually attain his best physique using science and art both. It is not just physical health; in fact one attains mental stability and confidence as well by staying fit. It helps people fulfill their dream of being healthy and getting a beautiful desired body.

yoga transform reincarnating raipurIn this week when we have just celebrated International Day of Yoga, Reincarnating Raipur asked the trio to enlighten us with their thoughts about Yoga. This is what they said. Yoga is an age old, time tested systematic practice for human growth. The Sanskrit term “yoga” means “union” or “becoming whole” which refers to mind and body balance, link between unit and universal or the meeting of finite and infinite.

           “Sarvachinta parityago nishcinto yoga uchyate”

“When the mind is free of all thoughts and all internal projections, that state is yoga.”

Combination of Strength training and Yoga have the following benefit for an individual.

  1. They enhance Strength and Flexibility.
  2. The combination of Strength training and Yoga improves Explosiveness and endurance.
  3. They help in controlling aggression and help one to relax.
  4. It is a workout of the mind, body and soul.
  5. Better muscle shape in turn, better physique.

The best way to attain the desired results is to do your workout religiously and with a positive attitude. The workout should be performed under guidance or by following certain rules otherwise it may result in havoc if practiced with ignorance.                       

yoga transform reincarnating raipurTransform is run by Dr Pawan Joshi, Mr. Digvijay Garewal, and Mr. Chandan Umathe. They are like-minded people who believe that our body is a reflection of inner health. What we eat is what we become; so to keep our health shinning, our body should be worked well. Working out not just gives us a fir body, it also builds our strength, it enables us to handle adversities and live pleasant and an active life which is ailment free. Transform motivates everyone to live well. It informs and educates people about the principles of exercise and its relationship with food and nutrition. Transform is the inspiration to be optimistic for leading a strong, youthful, and cheerful life which also inspires others.

Team Transform congratulates everyone and also wishes to see more healthy and fit people around.

They long to see ‘Transformation’ happening!!

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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