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12 Mouthwatering Street Food In Raipur

If you want the real taste of Raipur, you’ll find it on the streets and not in the 5-star restaurants. All the Indians love is street food. Who can say ‘no’ to the plateful of bliss?


Kachori is small discs like dish which is filled with fresh and delicious stuffing. Its savoury and spicy taste can make your taste buds go crazy!

Where? : Rathore Chowk, Raipur

How much? : Rs. 20/- per plate only



Samosa has now become the official snack offered to guests (most probably ladkewale)! And, who can deny this delicious fried snack stuffed with potatoes?

Where? : Sharma Chaat Bhandar, Gaurav Path

How much? : Rs. 10/- per piece only



Made with gram flour, onions, chilies and fry till golden brown- we’re describing the Moongodi that we all love. The lip-smacking taste of Moongodi is hard to forget!

Where? : Jail Road, Near Petrol Pump

How much? : Rs. 20/- per plate only

moong bada 


Momos are warm little ‘potlis’ of love! Even though it’s not an Indian dish, Momos have gained a lot of popularity among Indian people. Well, they are pretty delicious, so no surprise there!

Where? : Amol Momo’s Point, BTI ground

  How much? : Starting from Rs. 30/- only



Chai cooked in tandoor, Sounds absurd? Maybe, but it sure does tastes heavenly! A new type of chai especially for the Chailovers out there. Try it out and tell us your experience!

Where? : Katora Talab

How much? : Rs. 30/- per cup only

 tandoori chai


A simple dish that can be made at home, yet it’s not so much divine as the small stall that sells Poha from 6 AM in the morning. This Poha is pure gold in terms of taste and is served with all its glory.

Where? : Jaistambh Chowk

How much? : Rs. 20/- per plate only



Sweet & Delicious, Everything sweet-tooth desires in a dessert! These stellar mouthwatering sugar loops regale your hopeless dessert cravings.

Where? : Lodhipara Chowk

How much? : Starting from Rs. 20 only



If you’re an Indian you know how much we love to gorge on those tasty ‘Chaats’ whether it be of ‘aaloo tikki’ or ‘samosa’ or even just ‘papdi’!

Where? : Punjabi Chaat Corner, Shankar Nagar

 How much? : Starting from Rs. 10/- only




Dosa is the epitome of ‘simplicity is better’. Made from just gram flour batter, Dosa is a simple ‘roti’ served with tasty coconut chutney and savory sambhar!

Where? : Loknath Dosa Center, Pandri

How much? : Starting from Rs. 10/- only



The official street food of ‘Aamchi’ Mumbai. Vadapav is just made with three ingredients ‘Vada’, ‘Pav’ and a chill! We know it might sound really simple but it tastes heavenly!

Where? :  Marine Drive

How much? : Starting from Rs. 10/- only

 vada pav


Paav Bhaji is a dish in which soft bread roll is served with thick vegetable curry and lots of butter! You won’t get satisfied easily with this delicious snack.

Where? : Rajgharana Hotel

  How much? : Starting from Rs. 30/- only

 pav bhaji


Last but not the least, we have the king of street foods- PaniPuri! It is also known as ‘puchka’, ‘golgappe’, gupchup’ and what not. The name may vary but the love people from all over India have for Panipuri is unexplainable!

Where? : Sai Gupchup, Turning Point

How much? : Starting from Rs. 10/- only

 pani puri

Is your tummy craving these already? We don’t blame you, we were munching on snacks while writing this!


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