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Wish n Whisk Reincarnating Raipur Oorja KritiWish ‘N’ Whisk is an all new food concept and a perfect place when customers need that ‘little extra’. This food delivery service features an outstanding menu with different international cuisines. The menu of Wish ‘N’ Whisk is inspired by the wide variety of food that is available all over the world and will also appeal to a wide and varied clientele.

Wish ‘N’ Whisk, as the name suggests; you wish for a dish and they whisk the super ingredients together to bring up a super dish for you!!

The USP of Wish ‘N’ Whisk is the variety of cuisines that they offer to their clients under one roof. It is the one of its kind food outlet. The people of Raipur are so much in love with the concept of Wish ‘N’ Whisk accounting to its variety, the taste, and the awesomeness it serves.

Everyday is a celebration at Wish ‘N’ Whisk. So, why wait for a special day to order your favorite dish from them?!

The menu of Wish ‘N’ Whisk comprises of the following cuisines:



Wish ‘N’ Whisk also specializes in International desserts.

Sun-dried tomatoes risottoLebanese Cuisine is a Middle Eastern Cuisine which includes grains, fruits, vegetables and a lot of sea food… Most of the Lebanese foods are often grilled, baked or sautéed in olive oil…

Mexican Cuisine is mainly a fusion of MesoAmerican and European style of cooking. It is created mostly with the ingredients native to Mexico. In addition to staples, vegetables play an important role in Mexican Cuisine. From tacos and nachos to quesadillas and margaritas, these are the most delicious Mexican food one relishes up on.

The most popular pizza, pasta, kebab, falafel are a gift of Mediterranean Cuisine to us. Mediterranean diet is apparently considered to be a healthy diet since it is rich in olive oil, wheat and other grains, fruits, vegetables and a certain amount of dairy products.

Soup Wish n WhiskThe most popular and commonly preferred are the Italian Cuisines which have originated from Italy. The dishes in this cuisine are characterized by its simplicity, with most dishes having as less as 4 to just 8 ingredients. Italian pizza, pasta, biscotti, bruschetta, crostini and what not!!??

Thai Cuisine brings in all at least three to four out of the five fundamental tastes into one dish; viz. sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy. The Thai food is light but has strong flavors of all the spices which make it distinguished. Pad Thai, green curry, red curry, som tam are some of the popular Thai dishes.

The traditional Japanese Cuisine is based on rice mainly. A lot of seasonal vegetables are used in the preparation of Japanese cuisine. Soups and vegetable broth are must haves with the rice. Sushi rolls are the most common Japanese food loved and relished by us.

Salad Wish n WhiskSpanish Cuisine is totally packed with flavor and character. From tasty tapas and tortillas to the chilled gazpacho; Spanish food is known to use the local ingredients to their best.

Greek Cuisine is a lot like mediterranean cuisine. All vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, herbs etc. are mostly used in the contemporary Greek food. Lemon juice is used in large quantity to give the food that zing. Nuts, honey, fruits are the most common ingredients of a Greek dessert. The most characteristic and ancient element of Greek cuisine is olive oil, which is used in most dishes. Greek Salads, Tzatziki, pita are some of the famous and common Greek food items.

Chinese Cuisine is famous around the world. The Chinese food is widely influenced by the regional and cultural differences. The people love desi Chinese more than the authentic Chinese food which is prepared using the same techniques and ingredients but with a desi tadka. It is needless to mention the dishes made under this cuisine as even a 3 year old will be able to answer that question pretty well.

Moussaka wish n whiskFrench Cuisine, as the name suggest has originated from France and follows cooking traditions and practices based in France. Baguette often accompanies the meal. The mousse, crepe and macaroons; all these desserts owe their origination to France. French Cuisine is characterized by its extreme diversity and style.

Apart fro these cuisines, Wish ‘N’ Whisk also specializes in various baked products; cakes and cookies; breads and much more.

The food is prepared with utmost care and its presentation is very unique as well.

Wish ‘N’ Whisk serves its clients the best taste at very genuine prices.

Feeling hungry??

So, let the healthy eating begin only at Wish And Whisk!!

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