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How would you define money ??

Money Raipur reincarnating

I was just having discussion with my friend over coffee…

We started with a discussion on money and some people who could do absolutely anything for it.

I wonder why do we cry for money ?

Money reincarnating raipur

What is money?

It all started with the increased needs and demands of people for various products.

In the ancient age when the trading started taking place, some people were manufacturers of wheat and some people used to manufacture rice. For every kg of rice they used to trade with say 2 kgs of wheat.
Similarly for each product they used to trade with either some other product or gold. Which we know now, is called the Bartar System.

But soon the number of products really increased and it became really difficult to keep a track of which product has what conversion value with other product. This confusion led to the creation of currency.

Thus, currency was invented for the ease of human beings, for their convenience.

So, when it was invented for our ease, why do we cry for money??

raipur money reincarnatingIt came for our comfort, to make our lives easier and now we have been over ruled by it. We are overpowered by money to such an extent where people have become unethical and inhumane in the ways and means of earning it.

This is actually not required.

I believe we should run for trading, and ways to trade money will automatically follow us. Because money is our creation and we are not created by it..

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