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An Influencer-Marketing Startup That’s Assisting Brands Nationally!

There’s a startup in Raipur that is working with brands like Audi, Del Monte, Zee Media, Practo etc. Influenzone Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is helping nationally renowned brands to collaborate with the digital influencers so that they can leverage the power of e- word of mouth. It’s actually hard to imagine such a startup in Raipur but that’s true!

What the founders say…

Founder of Influenzone Mr. Pawan Kumar Jaiswal says “There are very few companies that want to get into a niche like Influencer Marketing. I sensed the need of such a company in the market and thought of setting it up.”

Mr. Jitesh Kumar Jaiswal is the co-founder of this company. He along with his brother realized the dream of setting up an influencer marketing company. Before co-founding Influenzone Technologies with his brother, Jitesh worked with digital marketing agencies to gain the technical knowledge and required exposure.

How it started and how’s it going…

In 2015 both the brothers made it official. What was going on till now without a banner of a company name was now nomenclatured. Some renowned digital marketing agencies and brands additionally came on board with Influenzone after this time. Till date, the influencer marketing services are going on in a full-fledged way and the company is targeting to capture regional markets as well.

Written by Ratan Deep Singh

Content is sacrosanct to me. I sometimes feel that my blood comprises of creativity as well apart from RBCs, WBCs & Platelets. I create from my soul and write from my heart.


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