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Stay Fit Stay Hydrated!

Stay fit! Stay hydrated!

While we are all aware of the benefits of drinking the apt amount of water a day, most of us are not optimally hydrated. With all the pollution, UV rays, electronic devices, processed foods, deteriorating immune system, increasing medications and ever changing lifestyle, hydration is getting sucked out of us faster than our bodies can replenish.

The question that now arises is how much water should we be ideally drinking? We are all made differently, we have different shapes and sizes, we do different activities, some of us sweat more than the others. There’s no parameter that fits all. Find your own optimal hydration. But for most people, dieticians suggest drinking half your body weight in ounces, more if you are expecting or someone who sweats a lot.

Below listed are a few unimaginable things that dehydration can do to you: –

1. Dehydration can dumb you down:

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As little as a 2% loss in hydration can lead to a decrement in cognitive abilities. Tiredness, fatigue and brain fog are early signs of dehydration.

2. It can make you sick. Really sick:

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Studies prove, chronic dehydration day in and out, is a risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease. It also puts you at risk for certain types of cancers like colon and bladder cancer.

3. It can escalate the speed of your natural ageing:

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Hydration is truly a secret to stay young. There is no topical product available in the market that can beat water at staying young and glowing. Ancient Chinese princesses used to eat lychee fruit to keep their skin youthful. Lychee has the highest per cent of water content and thus works best on skin. Various other fruits like watermelon, banana and kiwi too can work wonders.

4. Dehydration can keep you from walking freely! Literally

Dehydration keeps us from moving freely. It causes joint pain which turns problematic for the body movement with ease.

5. Not getting enough water inhibits digestive process.

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Lastly, hydration is the key to proper digestion and excretion. We often forget that it is not only important to watch what goes in but it is also important to keep a check on what is going out and how well (Ew! But it’s true.) Hydration is the most important part of routine cleansing of the body.

-By Drishti Kothari

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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