Huge Demand for India-Pakistan Match

The tickets for India-Pakistan World Cup match sold out within 48 Hours comes as no surprise as the two nations get ready for the World Cup 2019 in Manchester.

Old Trafford in Manchester is poised to host the greatest clash of the year- India Vs Pakistan at the World Cup 2019 on June 16. Manchester will also host India’s encounter with the W-Indies on June 26, 2019 but according to the Cricket Lancashire, there has been a tremendous demand for the match between India and Pakistan as the tickets for grand match were sold out within 48 hours, with most of the enquiries for the match coming from India. The Corporate Sales and Business Development Manager at Cricket Lancashire Dan Whitehead believes the atmosphere during the India-Pakistan clash will be louder and more tense than the clash between India and England.


“It is going to be huge, definitely. Last year, when India played against England in a T20 match, it was a gorgeous sunny day and crowd was predominantly Indian. The stadium was painted with Bharat Army was very noisy. It was a great game with India being far too good and the atmosphere was amazing and its going to be even louder for the India-Pakistan Game.” Said Dan Whitehead.

“Because of the huge demand, we generated more packages and at this moment, we have only 200 packages left for those who would like to still make it for the big game.” added Whitehead.

So, the whole stadium is undoubtedly going to be filled up with exuberant crowd and majority of them are likely to be Indians. Like every India Vs Pakistan match, the craze is going to be dense and incredible.

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