Tavneet Sahni– With Unwavering Courage Tavneet Sahni is a true blood Raipurian who completed her schooling from RKC and holds a bachelors degree in Home Science from Nagpur. As a distinction holder she completed her dual masters in Project Management and Human Resource from Cardiff, Wales. Tavneet Sahani can easily be pinned as one of the […]

Avinash Mishra: Star In the Making When you follow your passion religiously, it certainly pays you back. This is what Avinash Mishra has experienced. He is a television actor working in popular shows and making our city proud. Like every child he also had a dream of becoming an actor. Due to his chocolate boy looks and colored eyes with […]

“Hope is a good thing; maybe the best of the things and no good thing ever dies!!”   Khushboo Rawat- Who says that there cannot be an eye in a hole, you and I will not know what this line exactly means, but we’ve all heard it in various spheres of our lives. Despite the positivity, […]

It is a myth that women who work cannot really manage their homes. Women are proving all such facts wrong and are becoming a smart homemaker. Also there is no ideal age to step out of the house and start working. If you have a strong back end support, you can be successful anytime. Such […]

Everyone is gifted. But most people never open their package. This is certainly not applicable in the case of the extremely talented Subhash Moitra. He is an icon in terms of following his heart. How to follow your passion along with your career can be learnt from him. He wanted to be a DJ but […]