Strong family support is bound to give you greater avenues to progress and succeed. Such is the story of Shubhika Jain, a young entrepreneur who went out of league to carve something of her own. When you have your virtues rooted you turn up to become a completely different personality. Shubhika Jain was raised in […]

“Neglecting the statement- Sky is the limit, this dreamer Piyush Jha decided to fly beyond it.” Chhattisgarh is the state with immense potential and possibilities for start-ups; proving this true is Piyush Jha, the Director, Co-Founder and CEO of Aviorone Technologies Pvt Ltd. A start-up which provides services in Aerial Photography, air security, and training in assembling […]

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This is true but, on our special occasions we always try to look our best and then make-up becomes a necessity. Then a makeup artist comes into picture to give you that perfect look. Such is a talented girl Er Mita Vaswani from Raipur who is making it big […]

Lost his father at a tender age of 16, Pitambar Gupta reveals that fulfilling someone’s responsibility is difficult but never impossible. Hurdle is an inevitable part of the journey towards success. Similar is the story of Mr. Pitambar Gupta, who today is The President of C.G. Chamber of Agriculture, and has been awarded “Young achiever” […]

Art is the purest form in the world!! The one, and only alive at all times! The immortal!! And I chose to be a part of it. My passion led me to my dream. I was always on to some or the other creative work and my contribution to art was loved and appreciated by […]

In this world full of selfish and busy people, there are just handfuls that spend their time and resources for the ones in need. Vasundhara is one such person. Vasundhara Mandhan always had an urge to help the underprivileged. She just needed a kick-start and her work has now no boundaries. Mrs. Vasundhara Mandhan is happily married […]

Capital city of the state-in-teens is expanding and transforming drastically. And this expansion and transformation demands excellent transport services to keep this fast developing city moving. The company that has made a mark in this field with it’s consistently quality services and has become the first choice of people when it come to car rental services […]

This 29-year-old young doctor is extremely focused and a very warm-matured person. Dr. Saima Khan is the daughter of former SP Lt. Mr. I.H. Khan of Raipur. Her motto in life is to spread awareness about being healthy and fit. And to see an ailment free society, she pursued her career in the same field. She is […]

Sarita Agarwal – The lady who single handedly created a name for herself. Being a normal lady she got married at the age of 20 and lost her husband at an early age. A single mother to 2 children she has covered a long road of struggle to bring her children beautifully. Started of a […]

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