Be a hero this Independence day… Aren’t we all guilty of not living up to a single resolution that we promised ourselves almost each year on January 1st? how about we try something new this year, let’s make August 15th the new January 1st. Let’s be our own version of the Great Gandhi and Bhagat […]

 Foods to Eat Before your Workout Pre-workout foods must be rich in carbs, lean protein, fibers and healthy fats that help the muscles to endure the hardships of high intensity exercises. 1. Caffeine Caffeine signals the muscles to burn stored fats rather that carbohydrates for extracting energy. Caffeine also helps prevent muscle soreness post-workout. 2. […]

Priya Sharma- fitness enthusiast, Zumba trainer, owner of slim up shape up.. Priya Sharma, a 23 year old resident of Jagdalpur has transformational journey. From weighing 92 kgs, Priya runs a fitness studio in Jagdalpur of Bastar. As a teenager Priya was always chubby. Her weight kept ascending. When she got checked, she was detected […]

Rahul Gupta, The Mountain Man: the man with a spirit unbreakable and a passion unmatchable. Hailing from Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh, Rahul Gupta or ‘The Mountain Man’ as we know him has a legendary story. Mr. Gupta studied at government multipurpose higher secondary school, the most prestigious school of the area owing to its success of a […]

Arif H. Shaikh: Inducing People’s Trust in Community Policing..   Arif H. Shaikh, the first cop to win two International Association of Chiefs of Police Awards deemed as the Oscars of community policing,  for his unique style at policing. “Only empowering the locals and taking them along in this fight for justice will give us sustainable […]

“Cycling is more of a mental than a physical sport. Every person should atleast cycle once in a week to remain fit”, says K Tripti Rao. Tripti is a lawyer, fitness enthusiast, cyclist, and a Super Randonneur, who has achieved something which other woman in the state could. A fearless girl born  in Jagdalpur and […]

Aqua Zumba- A New Adventure To The Zumba World A new experience to the world of Zumba: AQUA ZUMBA RAIPUR BY GSP GSP Fitness & Wellness conducted new adventure to the world of Zumba called Aqua Zumba at Pooltronica, Club Marina, Singapore City, Raipur on 24th June, where more than 50 young, mid aged and […]

Gouri Sankar Pradhan – The Man Making People Fit!!   Gouri Sankar Pradhan, a martial artist and founder of GSP Fitness & Wellness in Raipur, is someone to look up to, if one wants to be healthy and fit. Hailing from a large Indian family of 7 sisters and a brother apart from him, he has always known […]

#Event – #Mandatory_Residential_Program #Date Of Commencement- 19th May, 2018 #Contact_No – 80859-32800 #Venue – Shagun Farms Vigour & Verve is coming up with its 25-day #MandatoryResidentialProgramwhich will feature the inspirational icons from across India to confer their expert guidance upon the students to have the mindfulness & skills of extensive essentials for in-depth grooming.

The cool-headed dedicated Bodybuilder : Syed Altamash The struggle you are in today is building the strength you need for tomorrow. Syed Altamash, the dedicated and focused person perfectly fits into this quote. Since childhood he had an inclination towards good physique and good looks as he was very skinny. Since the age of 10 he […]

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