“Hope is a good thing; maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies!!” Who says that there cannot be an eye in a hole, you and I will not know what this line exactly means, but we’ve all heard it in various spheres of our lives. Despite the positivity, it brings in, […]

The story of Zakir Hussain is no less than a dream where he went on to defy all the odds by making it big and big enough to match his dreams. Zakir was only an year old when he contracted polio and since then he has not been able to walk. Besides being confined to […]

” The Rising Star “ Success is not necessary related to academics. It is where you put your heart and soul into and success automatically follows. Such is the story of this young singing sensation Shyama Agrawal. “Where words fail, music speaks”. This young boy truly believes in it. Just 17 years now he had […]

The story of a Girl who realize later on where her heart lies My name is Astha Khandelwal, I am a student at MATS University. I never thought that I would be interested in writing as I always thought it was a boring thing. As time and life teaches you the best lessons, a time came when I […]

The Badminton Star “Sports Do Not Build Character, They Reveal It.” Kavita Dixit mam being a sports personality is a perfect example of this quote. Winners train, losers complain. This is the quote that best suits a sports person and Kavita Dixit completely fits it. Being a badminton player since the last 40 years, she is […]

‘Capturing life with a camera lens’ “Determination has always been my strength” – says Saket Mehta. Attracted towards Photographs from the very childhood, Saket decided to make Photography a profession after his graduation. He decided to do whatever it takes to be a pro at Photography. Having captured some scintillating stills for shows like MTV, MTV Unplugged […]

Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up. Such is this special story on this Children’s day about this young girl named Nishika Taunk, a National level tennis player. At the age of 15 she has played National four times. As it is said that learning starts from home, her elder sister […]

When passion becomes your profession you are bound to come up with nothing but the best. Such is Ashmika Agrawal who followed her passion for baking and came out with something new. Innovation is new. If you keep on experimenting and innovating success is bound to follow. The perfect example for it is Ashmika Agrawal who is […]

 “When you have the passion to fulfil your dreams you are bound to come in dlying colours. Energentic and enthusiastic Anmol Khanna is one perfect example for it”. Dance music and electronica is quickly becoming a way of life in India. It has grown huge in the underground, spreading throughout the night clubs. ANMOL KHANNA […]

Shweta Tiwari : Marriage is not the end of your career road or ambition, a little extra effort can take you a long way! The lady who glorified the name of Chhattisgarh and represented India in an international beauty pageant, believes that the real beauty lies within. It is the positive mindset and inner peace […]

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