“Cycling is more of a mental than a physical sport. Every person should atleast cycle once in a week to remain fit”, says K Tripti Rao. Tripti is a lawyer, fitness enthusiast, cyclist, and a Super Randonneur, who has achieved something which other woman in the state could. A fearless girl born  in Jagdalpur and […]

Mr Subash Chander Khetarpal & Mrs Santosh Khetarpal : With Timeless Exuberance The uncertainties in life are not always the reason for one’s lamentation over uncontrolled circumstances but also for driving us to be willing to explore more about the capability of the self in order to evolve on a constant basis. Such has been the journey of dedicated […]

Damini Sen– With Absolute Involvement Of Body, Mind & Soul There is no opportunity for the wailing and grieving ones who lament over the petty issues. There is no scope and possibility for the self torturous ones who cripple themselves with their stagnant mindset. But those who have the ever eager attitude to realize their […]

Bharti Makhija – A Teacher Of Teachers Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher! – Maggie Gallagher Driven by her passion for teaching and her love for children, Bharti Makhija not only inspires kids buts also trains the ones who teach them. Born and brought up in Raipur and a […]

Kishor Vaibhav Abhay – A Progressive Playwright & Poet The knowledge and experience are usually considered to be the resultant of an extended time frame that consumes years of one’s life but when the ability to observe every aspect of life with a peculiar eagerness and sharp intellect then an individual emerges way ahead of time. […]

DrKritika Jaiswal : From Regressive Dungeon To Progressive Horizon The gender bias is a dampening stigma prevalent in the society since the time immemorial which has been piling up the hurdles before the girls every now & then, whenever they try to step up against the regressive fallacies which constrict them not only from proving their […]

MANASI JAGGI SEHGAL: An incredible label in fashion. The designer Manasi Jaggi Sehgal is based in Raipur. A smart and  sincere woman, married about 5 years ago to a leading business-man in Raipur. Soon after her marriage, within 2 months, she launched her label in April 2013. She owns a store since August of 2013 […]

La petit chef: Swayampurna Mishra Singh   Swayampurna Mishra or Swayam as she has been called all her life, is the blogger that every foodie turns to. A banker by profession, she is an author, recipe developer, photographer and often the hand model for her blog “La petit chef”. Her love for cooking started at the […]

Tavneet Sahni– With Unwavering Courage Tavneet Sahni is a true blood Raipurian who completed her schooling from RKC and holds a bachelors degree in Home Science from Nagpur. As a distinction holder she completed her dual masters in Project Management and Human Resource from Cardiff, Wales. Tavneet Sahani can easily be pinned as one of the […]

Avinash Mishra: Star In the Making When you follow your passion religiously, it certainly pays you back. This is what Avinash Mishra has experienced. He is a television actor working in popular shows and making our city proud. Like every child he also had a dream of becoming an actor. Due to his chocolate boy looks and colored eyes with […]

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