Ashwin Garg – With Perfection In Quality & Commitment Mr. Ashwin Garg, born on the 5th of September 1967, is one of the most established businessmen in the city. He completed his primary and high school education from Rajkumar college and his higher secondary education from holy cross,pension bada,raipur. He hold an undergraduate degree in B.Com from Durga college and a Diploma […]

Dr. Sanjay Jain -The veterinary social worker! Dr. Sanjay Jain born and brought up in Raipur, did his schooling from Mungeli Bilaspur – City and his graduation from Jabalpur City Veterinary College in the year 1989. He selected veterinary as his preferred choice during PMT as he had seen a lot of animals die due to lack of medication and treatment, back at his […]

Dr. Devendra Naik – Recuperating Medical Sector in Raipur Medical profession is more of a duty than a profession as it deals with health and well-being of the people. And this very idea is ingrained in Dr. Devendra Nayak to the very core for he goes beyond professionalism to treat the underprivileged patients without offering any fee. […]

Dr. Girish Agrawal & Dr. Geeta Agrawal – A Couple with Indomitable Will Accomplishments of humungous scale are only attainable when focus is undeterred and comradery is of supreme magnanimity. This all is well evident when we come to know the soaring achievements of Dr. Girish Agrawal and his better half Dr. Geeta Agrawal– the couple redefining involvement and approach of the […]

Mr Jogeshwar Sahu & Mrs Mamta Sahu – Couple towards healthier Living Mr Jogeshwar Sahu , born on the 5th of September 1961 in the cuttak district of Orissa is a true inspiration. Having faced a very tough childhood due to his fathers illness , he had to learn how to fend for himself at a very […]

Dr Mohd Shoeb Khan and Dr Aneesa Shaikh – Recreating Numerous Lives Together! “The child supplies the power but the parents have to do the steering”; and the source for the power supply from a child to the Parent are Pediatricians like Dr Mohammed Shoaib Khan. Hailing basically from Raipur, Dr Shaoib khan had to travel a lot and […]

Dr Ajit Varwandkar & Dr Varsha Varwandkar -The Connected Souls Dr Varsha Varwandkar is one of the leading Career Counsellor and Educational psychologist in India and has helped over 1 lakh students so far.Dr Ajit Varwandkar holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (NIT, Raipur) and a masters and PhD in Management from Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University Raipur. In the year 2010, she counselled and encouraged over […]

Dr. Rishi Agrawal & Dr. Priti Agrawal -The Connected Souls Matches are made in heaven and are brought together by destiny. Same is the case of Dr.Rishi Agrawal and Dr.Priti Agrawal. Apart from being successful doctors, they are also a happily married couple since 19 years. Priti is a gynecologist and Rishi is a surgeon which is a perfect […]

Ayushi Saxena and Rehul Saxena -The workaholic couple A family that eats together, lives together. Likewise a couple that works together, stays together. The new age couple of Ayushi Saxena and Rehul Saxena are the couple that fits the above example perfectly. They had an arrange marriage on 13th December 2015. They are two completely different personalities. Ayushi before marriage was a carefree teen living […]

Everyone is gifted. But most people never open their package. This is certainly not applicable in the case of the extremely talented Subhash Moitra. He is an icon in terms of following his heart. How to follow your passion along with your career can be learnt from him. He wanted to be a DJ but […]