3 Books || 3300+ Quotations || 60+ Articles || 4 National Records || 2 World Records. How old do you think one should be to achieve all this?? 35?? No?? Too early?? 40?? Well, honestly we’re talking about a 24-year-old! Dr. Sarvesh Jain is India’s youngest philosopher who is also a critically acclaimed author of not […]

The story of a Girl who realize later on where her heart lies My name is Astha Khandelwal, I am a student at MATS University. I never thought that I would be interested in writing as I always thought it was a boring thing. As time and life teaches you the best lessons, a time came when I […]

Children Film Festival 2017 14th November experienced a beautiful evening on the occasion of Children’s Day, in the Children Film and Theater Festival 2017, organized by Chhattisgarh Children’s Theater Club, Kachchi Maati Raipur. The event started at 11:00 am, and the Kids gathered in the first half to experience the brilliance of Children Films, Delhi Safari […]

When passion becomes your profession you are bound to come up with nothing but the best. Such is Ashmika Agrawal who followed her passion for baking and came out with something new. Innovation is new. If you keep on experimenting and innovating success is bound to follow. The perfect example for it is Ashmika Agrawal who is […]

“Writing is a kind of meditation which can be done either under an influence or under  depression. Many take the easy way, the second one. You can’t inspire someone, when you yourself  are depressed”, says Dinesh Chandwani when asked about writing as an art. An author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, professional skydiver, surfer and a restaurant […]