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SIDI Institute Reincarnating Raipur

SIDI Reincarnating Raipur


Space Institute of Design and Innovation (SIDI)

SIDI is a design institute which aims at building a solid plinth for the students to learn and execute all about designing. This is the first ever institute in Raipur, Chhattisgarh which is solely dedicated to building the student’s careers. It is an institute that brings in the latest concepts for the students and has set an example for raising the level of learning the professional courses, the professional way. The newness in the industry and the fields inspires SIDI to give its students the best.

SIDI is the only institute that focuses on Individual career goals of the students. The teaching happens according to a student’s goals and capability. SIDI follows the 3D policy i.e. to Define, Design and Deliver.

SIDI at Local Reincarnating RaipurSIDI was set-up in the year 2015 with an aim to change people’s attitude and notion towards Fashion designing, Interior designing and Photography as their ward’s career. Since its inception, SIDI has proved to better than the rest and also has continuously upgraded itself with the changing technology and the fast changing trends.

SIDI ensures proper guidance for its students keeping in mind their goals and also help them reach the heights. SIDI’s director Mr. Prashant Soni always sensed a gap and lack of appropriate guidance for the students who wished to pursue career in these professional fields. SIDI’s programmes are structured in a way to provide al the required know-how to the students and make them familiar with the real work environment.

SIDI has a unique mentoring structure that it has been following over the past few years and which has also showed very positive results in shaping the career of its students. SIDI has a tea of expert in-house faculty. Along with this, mentoring is also provided by the industry experts from across the country which is a new and a leaning experience for the trainees.

Students at SIDI Reincarnaing RaipurThinkers: Renowned Academicians from across the country are invited for sessions with the students. Thinkers from Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, New Delhi, Nagpur, Indore, Mumbai and Jaipur etc have been invited so far.

Achievers: Excellent Professionals and Entrepreneurs with best performances in their respective areas of fashion, interior, photography give guidance to the learners at SIDI.

Hallmarks: The renowned Corporate Houses operating in and around the Central India, the best of the best fro different industries are also invited to mentor the learners at SIDI.

Thus if you or your known ones wish to pursue their career in Fashion, Interior or Photography industry, SIDI is definitely the right place to be in.

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