Anmol Khanna : A Gem in Music Industry from Raipur

 “When you have the passion to fulfil your dreams you are bound to come in dlying colours. Energentic and enthusiastic Anmol Khanna is one perfect example for it”.
Anmol Khanna 1Dance music and electronica is quickly becoming a way of life in India. It has grown huge in the underground, spreading throughout the night clubs.
ANMOL KHANNA aka ‘HYPNOTIC DESIRES’ is one such gem who had an ear for music from his early childhood. He started learning Harmonium at a very early stage.His passion for music urged him to bunk classes and attend music sessions in school , which was worthwhile as he proved his excellence in school band and won several prizes for music. As he was self taught, for advance learning he went to Mumbai and was personally taught by a well known Bollywood Music producer “Zoheb Khan” who is currently a Sound Engineer at Mika Singh studios .Anmol Khanna 2
In 2014 After Releasing his debut Original “Essence” On Digital Complex records he got huge support from artist all around the world. The Track Was also supported by VJ/Actor/DJ “Nikhil Chinapa” & “Nawed Khan” the best Djs in The Indian music scene on their weekly podcast TGTR#118 & also got supported by many International producers across the world .
Anmol Khanna 3The Track was also under the compilation of the record label “Best Of Digital Complex 2014“. His latest Single “STUMBLE” released in 2016 which was something different from his usual style , A Bass House track was premiered on TGTR #203 and was appreciated by many artists across the world . During his college days, he decided to devote himself to music which became his second nature .He started learning DJing at a local club to get into the depth of electronic music and with each passing day his creativity increased.
With some of his music lover friends he formed a band and gave several performances which were highly appreciated. But his thirst for deep learning knew noAnmol Khanna 5 boundaries. Around 2009, he independently started composing and producing sound tracks which gave him wide recognition and then there was no turning back. He also won several competitions for Poly university Hong Kong. Besides production, he continued DJing. He never stopped playing in reputed night clubs and events,where he rocked and with his ‘down -to -earth’ attitude became a heart throb of youngsters. In early 2013 he won a competition for track ‘BABY BOOM’, for electric station records ,which took him to new heights.
We wish him all the luck and may he keep shinning.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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