Avinash Kumar – The hunk from Raipur

Avinash Kumar - The hunk from Raipur    Avinash Kumar – The hunk from Raipur

1) Full Name: Avinash Kumar
2) Pet name: Aashu
3) Where Were You Born: Patna
4) Where Did You Grow Up: Raipur
5) You Describe Yourself As: A Person focused for his career
6) Food weakness: Gajar k halwa
7) Favourite Place In India: Mumbai
8) Favourite Place Outside India: Paris
9) Your Choice Of Comfort Clothing – Joggers with hoodies
10) Hills Or The Sea – Sea
11) City Or The Wilderness: City
12) Summer Or Winter: Winter
13) Clubbing or house party: Clubbing
14) Favourite Partying Spot: Opa mumbai
15) Favourite Hangout: Mumbai beaches
16) Favourite Film: Twilight
17) Favourite Clothing Brand: ZARA
18) Song You Love Right Now: Tere naam naam sab kar dia (Its my love track from the show “SETHJI” )
19) Love Is: Endless
20) Your life motto: To lift up the best actor award in FILMFARE …

Avinash Kumar - The hunk from Raipur Avinash Kumar - The hunk from RaipurAvinash Kumar - The hunk from Raipur

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