Humblebrag –It’s Loathsome But You Absolutely Must

The Humblebrag- what it is?

 Very often across social media like Twitter or Instagram people publish obscure boast about how their holiday party was or how they are living a picture perfect life or influences posting  stunning selfies for instant social media validation and gratification .Humble-brag which is so common these days basically means something you say which appears as if you are complaining or embarrassed , but is really a way of telling people about something that you are very proud of, commonly via  posting on social media or just praising yourself in front of everybody. Just as you wouldn’t fart at a dinner party, you should not humble brag. Yet we persist in doing it. Humble bragging backfires because it seems very fake.

humble bragYour false modesty over social media or even in real life ,isn’t  fooling anyone.People are too smart to notice. Still if anyone does and wants to own it like a boss, there are some safe ways to draw attention to your achievements without turning everyone off. 

  • Make a joke out of it, because in an attempt to make another person happy, the brag is more likely to be forgiven than if it were cloaked in an irritating showoff, which is already annoying.
  • Have someone to brag for and about you. Getting a promotional wing man is your best bet if you want to inform people about an accomplishment, because then you don’t seem like you’re bragging.
  • Keeping the people hooked by entertaining them . The primary goal is to inform them about the important matters. Social media isn’t meant for trash . There’s a lot of news people don’t need to know. Most of it, actually. Be selective. social media humblebarg

Bragging is the new exfoliate. Social media validation is rough but it’s cool. It’s actually good for you. So ditch the false humility , stop complaining , do not be fake and over enthusiastic and proudly own your redness. You will probably end up fine.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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