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Homemaking is an art! It is not just about housekeeping, this art has many aspects and a huge importance in a person’s life especially woman! We woman has been blessed with the ability to create. Creating not just life but also the space… the space where each of the family members can feel secured, loved and cared for. A space of harmony and tranquility! Feminine energy is extremely powerful- it can create both heaven and hell, depending on the way it is channelled. An artistic homemaking is all about creating that space of comfort, love and care for the family, where relationships may blossom, bonds get nurtured and everybody in the home gets inspired to grow and do better in life. 

Girls! Its time we should acknowledge and appreciate the homemaking skills of our mothers! If you have ever observed your mother’s role in the family, you’ll realize how much the family members depend on the lady of the house for support, inspiration and that touch of affection. Can you imagine your world without mom? Besides keeping everything in the house orderly and well-managed, setting the rules to keep the house organized, and making sure you’re well-fed and well-read, she also acts as a bridge between you and other family members. Remember the times when she plays Good Samaritan when you and your sibling have a fight, or the time when she helps you get the permission from dad for that party you want to go, and the way she saves you from dad’s anger when you commit a mistake. And also the times, when she’s sick and entire house turns into mess! When she’s in bad mood, it seems the world has turned gloomy and dooms day is not far away! That time when mom and you get into an arguement in the morning and your mood is spoilt for the entire day! When she’s on tour and all you live on is maggie and restaurant food, complaining of upset stomach every other day! Woah! One Lady and So Many Superpowers! Isn’t that amazing to know a person can make your world go round so well!

Time Money Anger Management at Vigour and Verve Raipur
Time Money Anger Management at Vigour and Verve Raipur

The moral of the story is- being a woman comes with great powers and great responsibilities, especially towards your family. Lady of the house is the pillar, on which entire household stands. So it is necessary that being a lady you should realize your inner powers and beauty, so that you may express and utilize it in the best possible way for your own growth and for the well-being of your family. The way you multitask, the way you manage your time, the way you organize your routine, the way you set your priorities, the way you use your emotional intelligence, the way you nutrure your relatioships, the way you handle the finance department of the house, are the influential factors that will determine your expertise in the art of homemaking. The better you understand your self-worth and superpowers, the better example you’ll be for other girls and in future, for your own children. Your emotional health will eventually develop the healthy atmosphere for the family.

Vigour and Verve in its 21-day course with help you explore these inner-powers of yours and also your feminine side that will assist you in your journey of becoming a skilled homemaker and a better person. Pt. Vijay Shankar Mehta- a renowned spiritual Guru will guide you in polishing your time-management, anger-management, money-management and relationship building skills. His spiritual insight will let you find the deeper meaning of life and all its aspects. Vigour and Verve is committed to bring out the best in you and prepare you for your life after marriage by empowering you with the skills that will help you become a skilled confident and well-informed lady of the house.

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