Dr. Swapnil Karmahe: Speaking The Hidden Language of Soul Through Kathak

Dances in India are one of the oldest form of art in our Country. Kathak is one of the eight classical dances recognized by the Sangeet Natak Academy. It is originated from North India and is widely practiced and watched all across the world and has garnered huge praise for India and its culture. Let’s take a closer look at Dr. Swapnil Karmahe, famous Kathak dancer from Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

Accorded with natural beauty, talent and grace, Dr. Swapnil is an accomplished Kathak dancer whose facial expressions adorn her dance and make her performance beguilingly  attractive. As her dance form is of Lucknow Gharana the special emphasis on sensuous, expressive emotions subtle “Abhinay” (Acting) , elegant footwork and graceful movements are some of the attributes of her performance. She loves performing Taranas and Bandish of Raigarh.  She was born in 19th March, 1979.

She did her 8 years diploma in dance as a topper  by the time she reached class 12th from Khairagarh University. She was guided by Lt.Dr. P.D Ashirwadam since she was 12 years old she attained her training under Guru-Shishya Parampara.  After completing her post graduation in MA in Dance from Khairagarh University in which she topped with a gold medal, she appeared for  UGC NET in Performing arts through which she got placed as an assistant professor in Chandigarh University in 2005. At present, she is the associate professor and Head of the Department of Performing Arts at Government DB Girls College.

Dr Mandavi Singh became her mentor after the demise of Lt.Dr. P.D Ashirwadam. Dr. Swapnil did her PHD Raigarh Bandish and dance form.

She has received numerous awards like: Young Kathak Performer from HRD ministry, Shringarmani award, Nritya Shiromani Award and many more. She is an empanelled artist at ICCR (India Council for Cultural Relations).


Dr. Swapnil walks on the path shown by her Guruji, Lt.Dr. P.D Ashirwadam who taught honesty and has always imparted the message that  the education of dance can be completed only when a student can teach the art form to at least ten more dedicated students and make them efficient enough to become the educator of the same. So that the art could be carried forward to the upcoming generations too.


Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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