Farmville – The rules of the game

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Sounds familiar ?!

I’m sure you all must have heard of this famous internet game. It gained a lot of popularity in its time. “FARMVILLE”

It went on to such an extent that Indian celebrities started endorsing for the same.

I myself was a big fan of the same game. Don’t laugh at me but I’ll admit the truth that I opened many fb accounts to get help for my farm.


The game had amazing learning lessons. It showed us different faces of people who exist.

1. Old businessman with fixed mindset – We have earned our way during our time and we will continue working the same way.

2. The government – The owner of the game who kept changing the rules of the game to attract more people and to earn more money.

3. The 2nd generation businessman – The newcomer to farmville could have never surpassed their old competitors according to the old businessman mindset. But what they had was a new approach to see the same game. They knew of better ideas to grow in the game. Most important the enthusiasm to break all records. It was very addictive, trust me !

4. The evils – The people making softwares to help you earn extra. The one who wanted to make fast money.

BusinessMan Farmville Reincarnating Raipur


There were some first users who kept changing themselves according to the rules of the game. They kept updating their knowledge regarding the same irrespective of the thought that they had to learn the new rules.

There were the second generation who kept learning by watching their ancestor’s farm and since they were new they thought the new rules of the game were the base.

You think who were you amongst the many in the hoard of winning the game.

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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