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International Yoga Day : CM Vishnu Deo Sai Celebrates at a Mass Yoga Session

Chhattisgarh CM Celebrates International Yoga Day And Highlights Benefits Of Yoga

International Yoga Day
On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnu Deo Sai expressed his joy at the growing global and national interest in yoga. He credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for initiating the celebration of International Yoga Day on June 21, a practice now recognized worldwide. According to CM Sai, yoga not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also fosters a healthy society. He noted the enthusiasm for yoga seen across the state, from cities to villages, emphasizing its widespread appeal.
International Yoga Day

In celebration of International Yoga Day, Chief Minister Sai participated in a mass yoga session at Science College in Raipur. Thousands joined him in practising yoga, highlighting the communal and inclusive nature of the event. Addressing the gathering, Chief Minister Sai reiterated the significance of yoga in connecting our minds, bodies, and spirits. He emphasized that this holistic practice helps us lead healthier lives and build stronger communities.

International Yoga Day

Chief Minister Sai assured that the state government, through the Yoga Commission, would work to involve more people in yoga. He addressed students specifically, encouraging them to incorporate yoga into their daily routines. He noted its benefits for concentration, memory, stress relief, and overall well-being. Sai emphasized that a positive approach and happiness at work enhance efficiency and career prospects, making yoga an essential practice for personal and professional growth.

Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Minister Laxmi Rajwade also spoke at the event, praising the national pride and joy associated with International Yoga Day. She echoed Prime Minister Modi’s vision of promoting global well-being through yoga. Rajwade described yoga as a lifestyle and philosophy essential for a healthy family, society, country, and world.

Other notable attendees included MLA Rajesh Munat, Anuj Sharma, Guru Khuswant Saheb, Chief Minister’s Secretary P Dayanand, Women and Child Development Department Secretary Shammi Abidi, Collector Dr. Gaurav Singh, SSP Santosh Singh, and Yoga Commission Secretary Pankaj Verma. Public representatives, citizens, and students also participated, making the event a resounding success.

International Yoga Day in Chhattisgarh underscored the importance of yoga in our daily lives and its role in fostering a healthier, more connected society. With continued efforts from the government and community, yoga will undoubtedly remain a cornerstone of well-being for years to come.

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