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RaipurBefore Holi The Temperature Sours In Raipur

The weather in Chhattisgarh is gradually improving as clouds disperse, signaling a rise in temperatures by 4 degrees Celsius over the next four days. Thunderstorms and rainfall are possible on Thursday in some areas, excluding the capital Raipur, where clear skies are expected. Recent rains, particularly on Tuesday night, cooled temperatures in Raipur by 3 degrees Celsius. Moisture from the Bay of Bengal had previously affected the state’s weather, causing heavy rainfall and strong evening winds. However, with reduced atmospheric moisture, maximum temperatures are anticipated to surpass normal levels. Despite Wednesday’s bright sunshine, temperatures remained 4 degrees below average, settling at 32 degrees Celsius.
Raipur Collector, SP, And Nagar Nigam Commissioner’s Surprise Inspection

Raipur’s Collector Dr. Gaurav Kumar Singh, SP Santosh Singh, and Nagar Nigam Commissioner Abinash Mishra conducted a surprise inspection at Nalanda Parisar and Takshashila Library late on March 20. Engaging with students burning the midnight oil for state administrative and UPSC exams, they exchanged valuable insights. The officials generously offered tips on diligent preparation, emphasizing the significance of hard work and effective time management for preliminary and main examinations. This impromptu visit aimed to encourage and guide aspiring candidates, highlighting the administration’s commitment to nurturing and supporting the youth in their academic pursuits.
Raipur NIT Inks An MoU For A GPU Research Center

The National Institute of Technology, Raipur, in collaboration with Bangalore-based firm Vividsparks, inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish ViBram, a cutting-edge POSIT-based General-Purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) research and development center in Raipur. This venture will delve into chip design research, targeting a range of digital devices including smartphones, laptops, and servers. Dr. Vijay Holimath, CEO and President of Vividsparks, emphasized the primary objective of nurturing semiconductor research talent through this decade-long partnership with NIT Raipur. The initiative is poised to provide engineering students a robust platform to gain practical knowledge and exposure to industry standards, fostering entrepreneurship and employment prospects.

Raipur Is Scheduled For Voting On May 7
The Raipur Lok Sabha Constituency Election 2024 is scheduled for voting on 7th May (Phase 3) in Chhattisgarh. Citizens of Raipur eagerly anticipate the democratic process unfolding as they prepare to cast their votes. Following this, the results will be unveiled on 4th June, marking a pivotal moment in the electoral journey. The outcome of this election will shape the political landscape of Raipur, influencing policies and representation at the national level. As the voting date draws nearer, stakeholders gear up for a democratic exercise that will determine the future course of the constituency.
Raipur Eight Athletes From Raipur Participating In National Civil Services Games
The Civil Services State Level Athletics Sports Selection Trial Competition was held at Swami Vivekananda Stadium Kota on March 17. 150 players from the state participated in it. Employees from the Raipur district also participated, in which 8 players were selected for the National Civil Services Games. The competition is being held in Chandigarh which began on March 19.

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