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Sonu Sood Charity Club Grand Launch in Raipur: A New Era of Social Service

Sonu Sood Charity Club Inaugurated in Raipur: A Beacon of Hope and Service

Sonu Sood Charity Club
The much-anticipated inauguration of the Sonu Sood Charity Club took place at Vrindavan Hall, Civil Lines, Raipur, on June 8. This auspicious event, graced by the All India Team, marked a significant milestone in the realm of social welfare and upliftment.
 Sonu Sood Charity Club

Advocate Rupal Vijay Pandey, the Raipur head of the club, shared her inspiring journey during the event. A High Court lawyer by profession, Rupal has been at the forefront of several impactful projects such as ‘Khushi’, which advocates for the happiness of women prisoners, and the ‘Stop Sale Acid’ campaign, supported by Laxmi Agarwal. Her initiatives in promoting menstrual hygiene and constructing Swachhalaya (clean toilets) reflect her dedication to social causes. Inspired by her father Vijay Pandey, a former health officer, Rupal’s commitment to social service has been unwavering since the Covid pandemic.

In a heartfelt video message, Sonu Sood praised Rupal’s relentless efforts over the past three years and encouraged everyone to join the mission. Present alongside him was Sumita Salve, the Executive Director of the Sonu Sood Charity Club and his sister-in-law, who lauded the team’s dedication during the Covid crisis. Sumita emphasized the pride in launching this initiative in Raipur.

Sonu Sood Charity Club
The event also saw the presence of notable All India Team members, including Shashubham Vijayvargiya, Prashika Dua, Dhirendra Singh, Bhanu, and Vipul Mirajkar, who highlighted the significant work accomplished in their respective cities. Additionally, prominent figures from the medical, social welfare and education sectors attended, further underscoring the event’s importance.

The Sonu Sood Charity Club aims to establish branches across India, focusing on uplifting underprivileged communities. Through innovative projects and collective efforts, the club seeks to make a lasting, positive impact on society.

Concluding the event, members of the Sood Charity Foundation, alongside Divyang members of Nukkad Cafe, led an awareness rally promoting tree plantation, brilliantly organized by Shirin Siddiqui. Rahul Shrivastav, the Media Head, ensured comprehensive coverage of the ceremony.

The inaugural ceremony ended with a resolute commitment to continue advancing social welfare initiatives, fostering a spirit of community and service.

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