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Naman Pincha : Owner of Blue Garage production from Raipur

Naman says- “Do not operate by the boundaries set by the world. Learn things from the internet if you are interested and cross those educ….

Naman was Born and brought up in Raipur, Naman Pincha, completed his studies at Amity University Chhattisgarh. He along with his two friends Shadan and Rishabh open a production house named Fawkes production which they renamed Blue Garage production in 2016.


They make short films, music videos, and advertisements for small businesses. He shot two short films for SFLA (Shoot For Legal Awareness) which was a film festival in Chhattisgarh, for that they also won College Fest awards. Naman also won the gold award at The Next Indian dream (TNID) Aurangabad.

He likes to play the guitar and write lyrics to songs. Right now he is also working on a music album as a lyricist with a friend.


Naman owns a page named ‘Dialogues and Drafts’ on Instagram, where he writes a subject on a piece of paper and clicks a picture with a background that is associated with that.

In the caption, he writes a fragment of catchy and inspirational dialogue. Based on that page, he is writing a book.
In his production, they are making a movie titled ‘Mela’ which is their most massive project till now.

He does not have any inspiration as such, but some artists look up to him like Bo Burnham, Stanley Kubrick, Quebec Quentin Tarantino and Chris Martin.
He wants to become a screenwriter and would have in being in Mumbai pursuing it, if not of the lockdown. When he sees someone passionate about something, let it be food or singing or anything, that drives him to work towards what he wants to do.

He says that the first attempt at doing anything is always crappy, but never stop and work for it.

We wish that all the projects he is working on come out as a success and a very happy birthday!✨

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