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10 Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing a Subject

Career guidance by : B. C . jain With more and more subjects and interests evolving, it becomes extremely confusing for a student to decide the subject they will be studying for the most crucial 3-4 years ahead in their lives.

A college life is quite different to that of a school life. The perks of which is that you get bigger and more opportunities to explore your interests and passions. We, at KITE College understand how important it is for a student to first understand his/her interests before they go ahead and pursue them. It is only through opportunities provided by the college that makes a student master it. We get the raw talents, nurture them, and give them a platform to hone their skills further.

Through this I would like to reach more and more students who are confused about their decision making. The mere objective is to help and guide them.

I believe when we have a decision to make, we should stand in front of the mirror and look straight into our eyes and ask the relevant question to ourself. In that moment, my dear students, our heart and mind responds and we get our answers quickly.

Before choosing a Major, ask these questions to yourself as I said above and get the answers.


Question 1 : What are my interests?

What is something that you can’t go a long time without doing ? The activities you enjoy doing in your free time can give you insight into the careers that would be satisfying, fulfilling and fun.

Question 2 : What are my skills?

Think about your hard skills and soft skills. Separate them out. Let me elaborate if you’re wondering what are hard and soft skills. Hard skills are those that you have learnt from studies. Soft skills are your natural life skills you posses that make you a unique individual.

Question 3 : What are my career goals?

If you’re lucky enough to know what you want to do with your future, you should have a good understanding of the qualifications that align with your desired career goals. If not, do your research and analyse.

Question 5 : Why do I want to study this subject ?

Sort the subjects and get an answer individually to the every subject that you’ve sorted down. Open the syllabus to each one of them and get a clear idea of what actually you will be studying for the coming years.


I’m sure these questions will surely get you an insight to decide a bright future ahead.

KITE College is forever dedicated to its mission to  empower the students socially and economically through creative and innovative means of quality education.


All the best !

Written by Reincarnating Raipur

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