Fashion Designer: Nikki Panjwani

Nikki has opened her own designing venture “Attire, the Designer hub.” She believes, “Clothes are the key to storytelling.

Meet Nikki Panjwani, the passionate fashion designer.

Nikki was born and brought up in Raipur. She did her schooling at St. Xavier’s School. She did her graduation with B.Com from MATS University. Soon After her graduation, she began to work in the field for which she had a passion. She always had a thing for fashion and she is successfully making it come true.

She is a girl who believes in creating her path to success. Nikki has opened her design venture “Attire, the Designer hub.” She believes, “Clothes are the key to storytelling. The clothes define the personality of the person and his/her character.” For her, fashion is all about ease, comfort, glamour, and research involved.
She started her label, ‘Attire, the Designer hub’ 7 years back which was the result of one of her big dreams.

Nikki’s only aim was to ensure that all women should feel and find the best version of themselves, comfortable, stylish, confident, and most importantly beautiful from the soul after wearing her designs. This is what brings joy to her.

Moreover, Nikki loves to travel and explore every bit possible. She believes in finding joy in the tiniest of things.

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